Friday, May 20, 2011

New and Improved

Notice anything? That's right, she has hair. I am looking for ways to improve the store and I thought the heads would look better with hair. I also am giving thought to changing the mannequins themselves but truth is, they are expensive and the wigs were less than $25. I have this long, curly one and a short, really curly one. I even put them on and I look horrid in the long one but cute in the shorter curly one.

In case you might be thinking that it doesn't make a difference if the mannequin has a mane
or not, I invite you to take a look at a photo of the very same cap on (possibly) the very same mannequin sans hair. The one on the top looks like Angelina Jolie the one on the bottom looks like Angelina Jolie entering Witness Protection.

There will be some photos reshot and we will see if it improves anything.

I have started my great yarn migration. I went into the office and starting sorting through my yarn. I am separating full skeins from partial skeins and thus far, I have about ten of those ten gallon bags full of yarn - about half full skeins and the other half not. The good news I didn't expect to have so many full skeins and I also didn't expect to find so many natural fibers among the acrylic. There are some nice blends and I found myself getting excited again about my yarn stash. This is a good thing because if you recall there was so much up there that it was depressing because I didn't know what all I had.

There are still bags to go through and then the boxes downstairs but this is a great start. Of course, because I am sorting the way I am for every one bag I sort, I get two. But at the end of the day, I will be able to see what I have in my stash for something like an afghan and so I will know if I have enough.

Mr. Honey walked into the bedroom this morning and reminded me not to forget the stash in the car. I told him it was already sorted so it could stay where it was for the moment. He later suggested I get a yarn stash tree. A branch like thing from which I could hang my ten gallon bags of yarn.

Ha. Ha. That's the sense of humor I told you he had. Have a great weekend!!!

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