Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4953 - and Counting

And the stash bust continues..get this after the sale on Saturday, the wonderful Melissa (listen tomorrow for a great big YIPEE coming from the Midwest. It will be the wonderful Melissa getting her first real paycheck in months!!) The wonderful Melissa and the fabulous April decided we should head over to Chix with Stix because they were having a great big sale moving out the winter yarns to bring in the summer yarns. So we headed over and there were signs for 10 - 20% off on almost every yarn in the store. And I bought...


I'll wait until you get up off the floor.
I bought nothing. Not a skein. Not a half skein. Nothing. I walked out the store and hadn't purchased a thing. Not that there weren't some good deals - there were. But I didn't purchase anything for two reasons.

One - I don't really need the yarn. I mentioned that in the store to Miss April. I said to her while passing behind her, "We don't really need
any yarn." The store owner heard me and she said, "Don't need yarn? That's like saying your don't need ice cream."

Point well taken. (But I don't need ice cream, either.)

I am trying to bust the stash and while I am fairly certain I don't actually have 4953 balls of yarn left - I am certain I have a great deal of it and I can see how it adds up because an acrylic ball of yarn with hundreds of yards can take a long time to become something else. For instance, a ball of red I Love This Yarn starts out as an
almost full skein and took two days to become this: It's a cute pillow. I have entered a pillow phase. Don't ask why, I have an explanation, but just too tired to share. Suffice it to say, I will go through some balls of yarn and some sequins, beads and other cool stuff and there will be some matching afghans to go with them. It's a major stash bust. Wait, did I just explain?

I am off to go upstairs and look in one of the stash bins to find enough yarn to work the next pillow. The plan I have is to use some embellishment in the pillow then create an afghan or baby blanket to match. That's the plan. We'll see how that goes.

Oh, the second reason why I didn't buy anything. Cuz I know some of that good stuff will wind up in their clearance rack and that's 40% off - Ka-Ching!

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Susie said...

Good for you for resisting temptation! I'm looking forward to see what you make to match that adorable pillow, Bev.


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