Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

I'm loving it today. There was a great rainstorm last night. I love rainstorms. I love thunderstorms. I don't like it when they knock out the power and the one last night did not, leaving me to love it. I love it because when you open the windows the day after a rainstorm, everything smells so fresh.

You know what else is nice? Selling something on your sadly neglected Etsy shop. It is especially fun when you sell something you don't think will sell. Something like this:
Yep, the granny square afghan was picked from the pile. I was thinking I needed to put it in a special container until the craft show and then I would display it and possibly sell it. Now, I have to put it in a special container so I can ship it off to Ohio or Iowa or was it Wisconsin? Actually, it was Missouri - Kansas City, Missouri.

You know what's even nicer than that? When one of your buds gets a job! The fabulous Melissa has been looking for work for the longest time. She was doing two part time jobs but she wasn't in her field and she was thisclose to being miserable when she hooked a job she wanted and they met her salary demands! YEAH! The bad news is we won't be able to hang cuz she's gonna be one of those working stiffs. All that means is that we are going to have to do our special knit dates because the j.o.b. is the important thing! Congrats Melissa and I hope you are employed long and enjoyably!

As far as my own job, things are looking up for the April 17th show! We have some folks signed up and I have a few (and I mean a few) more spots open and I am going to send out an invite to some artisans I met Saturday afternoon. I will also be checking out another craft show this weekend in Chicago and this time I will arm myself with info on The Craft Cafe.

The only bummer is the Cubs got it handed to them on opening day in Atlanta. But there's 159 or so more to play.

The other good news is that there is yet another skein that has bitten the dust as well: I have used a skein of I Love This Yarn in Aubergine. That means 2 down and 4956 to go and there is another one on the horizon that might not make it through the night. well, that may be pushing it. So far, it's been a part of about a dozen granny squares and 12 rows of the ribbed afghan and it's just now beginning to falter. I'm about to make a pair of booties to help the cause along. I am determined to get that stash down! Y'all pray for me cuz next month is our anniversary and my new anniversary present is a trip to Hobby Lobby - but I may change that to a trip to Chix With Stix to get a couple of pair of Turbo Addy circulars to see if I like them.

My cup runneth over.

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ekoukla said...

Beautiful afghan! I'm so happy for you! I'm sure the folks and Kansas City will enjoy it. I love when my handmade goods get a good home. This piece is just beautiful and I'm sure that they will enjoy it.

Hope to see more of your beautiful knitting!

Elizabeth - Koukla


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