Saturday, April 3, 2010

The (Stash) Terminator

I have once again decided to get on track and make a sincere effort at busting the stash. Despite the recent purchases that add to the stash, I have now decided to be mature and stick to what I said I wanted to do. So, I had this great idea. (Can you tell this is already in trouble?) Since I am working on this ribbed afghan that has a 32 row and 12 row pattern that I would take a skein of yarn and work a 32 or 12 row pattern with the skein (keeping in the pattern, of course.) and then I would take the remaining yarn and start making this crochet wagon wheel granny square that I saw on Knit and Crochet Today. It looked like a pretty big square on the t and v and that would certainly take up some yarn. Besides, it looked really pretty and it would add to my crochet square library (which until now I didn't even know I was building) and it seemed like fun.

So I attempted and finally succeeded at making the wagon wheel granny square. The directions on the show
are different than the directions written on the site. One because they never give you row by row on the show - they are always running out of time. I never understood why don't just stick with one thing for the whole time to make sure we really get it. Do they think we are going to have that short of an attention span? It is far more irritating when they rush their guest through something or half explain it and say the rest of the pattern can be found on the website. If I wanted to go the website, that's where I'd be. Oh well. That's another post.

What I ended up doing was printing out the pattern and watching the show at the same time and then really taking a close look at the photograph in order to figure out what they were saying. In the end, the first attempt is a little skewed but I like it and I've already made another one in another color because I am trying to bust a second skein.

I may be on to something. The skein is considerably smaller but there is enough there to taunt me into thinking I've really gained nothing. Of course, I didn't start off with a new skein or I would have a great deal of it left. The natural fiber yarn has something to say. It is housed in it's own place and I can hear it snicker at me that the acrylic yarn has many, many yards to it, making it rather common and because it is common, it will take a great deal of work to get rid of it. While the natural fiber skeins are smaller but oh so much more intense. If I used the natural fiber, I would be done with it by now. I am not sure the natural fiber understands that the case for itself is also the case against itself.

The solution could be to knit one more thing. I am thinking this might be a good time to make baby hats and booties. A simple baby hat with a simple pair of booties. I'm thinking baby stuff because baby stuff is always needed and they would be easy to knit up and make and have ready for the next sale in a couple of weeks.

I need to know when I have officially busted a skein. Is it when there is not enough there to make anything else? Or does it all have to disappear? I tend to think it's when there's not enough to do except use it to seam something or make a pom-pom. Which means I'm down one skein of buttercup or whatever color it is.

One down. 4957 to go - including the naturals.
Victory is imminent.

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Breezy said...

So glad there's someone else out there who gets annoyed when the host rushes the guests on K&CT. You've inspired me to bust my stash, as well!!


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