Friday, April 16, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?

I have the attention span of a baby gnat. I can get myself bored in record time. It's amazing that I am still knitting after all these years. Trust me, no one is more surprised by that than me. Every once in a while something gets a hold of me and I stay with it until the very end. I think it's because I can be so easily distracted that something catching and keeping my eye is a cool thing.

And so it is with the stash bust.

It's not just the granny square
afghan that's making the skeins disappear - though I must admit skeins are beginning to drop - I am using my ninth skein. But I am also doing some other things that using them up. Take a look: I'm doing a ribbed afghan. I love ribbing. I have no idea why but I do. So making a strip afghan using ribbing is fun for me. I may not feel that way when trying to crochet the strips together but living in the moment with it is quite nice.
I am also making wagon wheel granny squares and knit squares using different stitches. Can you tell I reentered the afghan stage?

What I love about these projects is the controlled chaos. With the white granny square afghan, there's an order. it only has five colors, there are only four colors per square and then the white final border on all of them. There are only so many combinations that can be made and while I am not bored there are no surprises. But with the ribbed afghan any color can pop up and be used - and I have lots of colors. The rule is that there are no rules except twelve rows of one color followed by 36 rows of another.

And the squares can be of any color because they aren't necessarily being used in the same afghan. Nothing boring there!

I still have a ton of stuff to do before tomorrow's sale. The weather forecast is still good so I am really hoping for a great turn out. We have some really exciting talent coming and I am looking forward to seeing it all in one place. I know what a lucky girl I am to be able to pull them all together. I so much want them to succeed.

I hope you have a great weekend and since the rules of life apply to everyday, I plan to be back tomorrow - and Sunday I'll tell you how the sermon went!

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