Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Off I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things: velcro for the pillows because I didn't really want to fiddle with a zipper, sequins - because the afghan I made last year used a lot of sequin and when I went looking for it the colors I wanted were seriously depleted, a thread kit - so I could have some thread on hand and some yarn because I didn't have enough of three different colored yarn to make two pillows and an afghan - especially if they were supposed to match.
I had two skeins of buttercup - I don't really see sequins on buttercup so that didn't matter. I had two skeins of aubergine. That was a possibility. I had one skein of cranberry. So off I went and I told myself what sequins they had in stock that matched cranberry or aubergine was the one I was going to get.

I would need about 900 yards for th
e afghan - that would be a 3 skeins and the pillows would take one skein each. So, I could pick up 4 of the cranberry or two of the aubergine. Cranberry won because the sequins match better and when I went looking for the velcro I saw it: the mini sequin fabric: it's a lot shinier than in the photo and I thought it would look great around the middle of the pillow and the afghan can have the big sequins and it would make quite the set.

The not so great thing is they raised the price of I Love This Yarn again. It was just under $3 a few weeks back when I wrote that the price just goes up every other month. i also said when it tops $3 I would seriously consider going back to Caron by the Pound - well, it's $3.35. I wrote them asking them not to do it so now we know what kind of pull I have.

What's up with the price increase? I know it's cheap but come on. A few weeks ago I could walk in with a crisp $10 bill and come out with the four skeins I purchased yesterday. Now I need that crisp $10 and a couple more singles beside - in just a few weeks. That's what I don't get. It's like they price people have a meeting every week and discuss how they need more revenue and someone (an obvious non-knitter) says: "Put it on the back of the knitters. They'll buy yarn no matter what."

We're the smokers of the craft world. Just keep raising the price of the addiction. Pretty soon a skein will be the same as a pack of cigarettes.

Then the government will get involved. Just wait until Congress gets a load of this!

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