Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tbe Way You Do the Things You Do

Seriously, I could take an updated photo of the pillow in progress, but it wouldn't look much different than this one. Just a little longer. Yesterday was not spent knitting much. I knew I should have taken my knitting with me, but honestly, thought we would be out of the house and back in a few hours.

Mr. Honey has decided he needs a new vehicle. I have been telling him this for some time, but there is something in the male psyche that says: 'If a female says it, then resist it.' The 'check engine' light has been coming on more than one of Tiger Woods' mistresses but he kept pouring money in it to get whatever it is that, as the mechanic says 'will finally fix it.' I believe when you have spent the amount of money repairing the car that is equal to the amount of money you paid for the car, it's time for a new one. Mr. Honey has now exceeded it and finally figured out that driving that car for 12 years is about all that either of them can stand.

So he spent the past two weeks pouring over every piece of literature he could find to determine what kind of vehicle he wanted and then where he was going to purchase it - no dealers!

He decided upon Enterprise and then took a look at the cars and picked the van he wanted and called to make an inquiry. He decided upon the car and while he was waiting for whatever it is he waits for whenever he makes a decision (did I tell you it took him overnight to propose?) they sold the van.

So, he selected another van. And while he was doing whatever it was he was doing. They sold that one.

We went out to Enterprise to look at a van. He drove it. He wanted to know if I could drive it. (I cannot drive the current van.) I got in. I loved it. We still don't have it. They could sell it out from under us and it took 3-4 hours for a non-decision to be reached.

He loves to wait. If he can wait on something he will. He didn't want to tell anyone we were engaged because, in his words, 'I'd thought we'd wait." He will actually get in the car, start the engine and then wait. He doesn't know he does it. But he will sit there before moving. Waiting is his thing.

I have long contended that someone's 'bad habit' has a good use. That person who has to have everything just right will plan a beautiful party for your parents. That someone who has to have a schedule for everything and everything on the schedule will be the one who keeps you from being scattered brained.

This habit is what I rely on the keep him faithful. Some hot to trot little hussy will come on to him and invite him to participate in some hanky panky and it will take him so long to think about it that she will forget what she wanted him to do.

In the meantime, the nice folks at Enterprise gave him their finance proposal and he is going to see if his bank can give him a better deal. Hopefully, they won't sell the car while we're doing that but I'm looking for a back up just in case.

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