Monday, April 19, 2010

The Lesson Plan

So things were a little better at this Saturday's sale than the one before. We did get a little bit more traffic but I think that's all I can say: a little bit more.

Here's the feedback I got:
It's very well organized and very nicely spaced out. It's not too crowded and there was the opportunity to network with the other vendors. That's all very good and I am glad to know that part of the plan worked out but then it hit me. I did create a process to make a well organized event. I really haven't created the plan to get people to the event.

Don't get me wrong. I put the item in the newspapers and hung up signs (which the village came and took down) but I left a lot of promotion up to the individual vendors giving them a PR packet. That's all fine - but I need to do something more and different. And I am going to spend some time doing some research and looking at the funds available. I am willing to put some money towards making this event successful because of the new nature of the craft show.

It used to be a craft sale was a rare thing but now they are legitimate ways for people to earn money. I support the handmade movement - being a part of it helps - but by and far the crafters are women and I want to support women doing it for themselves (even when helped by hubbies which I am.)

I want this to work because I think the idea is sound and because I think the cause is right. We're moving the sale outdoors between May and September weather permitting and I am going to do my best to promote the heck out of it. The first thing is to follow some tried and true principles - what goes around comes around; do unto others, etc. So, I will have to go to events where I can find people and hand out cards and flyers. I will have to review my marketing books I used when I was a publicist - look at the tips there and revise them for a craft sale.

Mostly, I need to plan the work and work the plan. I do not want to let these folks down.

On a completely different track, I delivered my sermon yesterday and ran the service. It went well which is a good thing because I have to do it again in May and June. I wasn't even nervous, I figure that's because I'm more nervous when I have to sing and since this wasn't singing - it was a lot easier to manage.

It has gotten me to thinking if I want to go further down this path - but I have to tell you; this is something I would have to sit down and think about. It's not like the plate ain't already full and I ain't getting any younger. It's something to think and pray about - and something to make sure I listen to the answer when I hear it.

Isn't it amazing the different ways a life can go? We are all truly blessed to be given a shot at these things!

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