Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Then There Were 4954

Progress is being made on the current WIP granny square afghan. I must admit to cracking myself up. When I took the photos of said project and had to name them for the file, somehow I came up with the name White Granny so when I have to pull it from the file, it could look like I'm talking about a specific branch from the family tree. For the record, I don't have a white granny though I certainly wouldn't have had anything against one - especially if she baked.

I don't know if you remember me talking about the 'rules of life.' In case you don't and you need to go back, I talk about them here.
One of the rules I try and follow is to spend an hour in silence and quiet with just my knitting or crocheting. Not having music or the t and v, husband or dog to distract you really lets you know what's on your mind.

As you sit there your mind tends to go whatever it thinks you need to deal with. This morning I was thinking about the church and the work that was needed. I thought about how knitting has connected me and disconnected me from people, places and things I probably needed to connected to and disconnected from.

I am now a knitter and crocheter. I cannot turn my nose up at crocheters (not that I ever did!) I thought about the differences in the crafts and how those who love crochet and don't understand knitting and those that knit and don't understand crochet are both right about what they think and ain't I a lucky son of a bum to have finally fallen in to the other camp and found a place.

I tell ya. You think a lot when you're quiet and you place quiet around you. After I complete this post, I will have completed my rules of life for today. I would have read a Bible passage (out of a Bible study version), I would have had my quiet hour of needle work and I would have written this post. The rules are supposed to set you up for the day and keep you focused. I do feel grounded and there's no doubt I have accomplished something today with all three - so the theory works - which I guess makes it not a theory.

There's much to do - but much has already been done. Balance. That's the thing.
Make it a great day.

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Susie said...

I had a White Granny! Alas she didn't bake. But she did crochet! Lovely blanket, honey.


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