Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mr. Honey Buys A Car

Well, it's over. We have ourselves a new vehicle. But it was not without some additional drama. You all remember me saying how Mr. Honey loves to wait and while we were looking a couple of the cars he was looking out were sold out from under us? Well, that was close to happening again but our fearless sales rep Shujuan 'Shu' Washington, fought them off and we went yesterday afternoon to look over a 2009.

This time, I learned my lesson and brought
along some knitting. It is a prayer shawl that I am not in any particular hurry to make(it's been a WIP for about two months) and I got a good deal of it done waiting for the other deal to be done.

Mr. Honey wanted to make sure I could drive this mini-van because I could not drive the last mini-van. So, I was the first to take this car out for the ride. I must say I did like it, though it did not have the same feel as the 2008 he was looking at. And I must say that since I could drive it, I realized it took away one of my pegs as a lady of leisure. Because I can drive this thing I am subject to having to drive it. I can no longer claim that I can handle that beast when he wants me to drive the van. So now instead of his having a car and my having a car, we are now a two car family. Not quite sure how I feel about that.

Now, because he can take the car and leave me the van, I have to actually keep the car clean. I cannot use it for storage of paper (or yarn), books (or yarn) music (or yarn). The trunk will have to be kept clear enough so he can get to the spare tire if he needs to.

On the other hand, when I have to haul a bunch of pieces to a craft fair, they will fit in far better comfort and space in the mini van that I can drive than it will in the back of the Toyota.

I guess I can't gripe, too much.

I must say, the experience had its fun moments. We really enjoyed working with our sales reps Shu and Blair, the credit officer ('Bingo' - we named him that.) I don't want to go through buying a car with Mr. Honey again because he morphs into someone I don't recognize but I don't have a problem saying that's where we'll go again in a few years when we have to replace my car. (Mr. Honey has informed me that my car may need replacing in a few years. I did not know this but since he says so, it must be true. I would like to hold on to my car a little longer because it is a 1999 but I've only had it for six years.) But when that time comes, we'll head down the road and back to Enterprise.

There was no haggling on the price. Mr. Honey got great financing. They were extremely patient (much more than me!) and most important, Mr. Honey was calm and pleased with his purchase. I am personally afraid to park it, but I will learn the ins and out of mini van driving and then I will be a danger on the road.

Where's the parking brake?


Susie said...

Look at it this can keep a lot more yarn in a van than a car! Good luck with the new vehicle, Bev!

Anonymous said...



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