Friday, March 18, 2011

Fiber Fill

I am designing a simple baby blanket. It is so far in its infancy (get it? baby blanket - infancy?) it is not yet worth taking a picture of. It involves stockinette and bamboo stitches and some embellishments to be added when the blanket is complete.

I am also working with another square from Block by Block. It would be square number six and it's going to be a little lacy. The living room is becoming filled with finished objects and I am in the midst of cataloging all the items from this year and previous years. Some things are being held out because they will be placed aside to be donated, So far, it's two scarves.

My neighbor returned my stuff. I gave her two bags of my items from 2010 and before saying she could take two or three things and I got back one bag with stuff and an empty bag. Not quite sure what all was taken but the preliminary count is : a pillow, two shawls, a baby blanket and at least one afghan. I won't know for sure until I do the new inventory and there are some things still in the van. Even with all that gone, I have a lot of stuff left. I need this stuff these treasures to find loving homes and that means I will have to go the donation route. That sounds like it's something I don't want to do and that's not true. I want to do it and I am going to do something like the Red Scarf project except I don't want to be stuck to a certain color.

How do we do it all? I guess what I really want to know is how we do it all well? I have no idea but continue to plug away - I suppose there's room for more prayer and faith - if I can remember it.

I hope your weekend is great. I will be with my knitting group on Sunday in Evanston. We have a couple of new members in the group and I look forward to meeting them soon. We've had a third day of nice weather...Spring officially comes this weekend. I'm breaking out the grill!!

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