Monday, March 14, 2011

New Kid on the Block

The fabulous Melissa has had this book for some time and we have ooohed and aaahed over it. I have wanted it for some time but just couldn't bring myself to spend the $30 on it...then through the magic of technology, there was a coupon off one item at Borders and this beautiful book made its way into my home for the magical price of $17 and some change.

OK, this is a lesson in discipline and order for me. There are some really beautiful creations in this thick tome of 150 squares and most of the squares are stockinette with a little embellishment but they make those stockinette squares very textural and interesting.

Now, I know in the past that I have wanted to start something and go completely through it and it has sometimes happened and sometimes not - OK, more times not - but I really want to do an afghan with these squares. I've already knitted a couple of them and since they are basically stockinette, they come out the same size which is 11" square so I would really need just 30 to make an impressive sized afghan.

I already know there are three squares I won't be making: the seed stitch square (can't stand the repetition of the seed stitch. I could change it to a double seed stitch.) The garter stitch - it's too stretchy which is why I won't be making the rib stitch square.

But for the most part, I want to make these squares. I definitely want to make enough of them to make the afghan. I'm not putting pressure on myself, I just think this would be a great project and it would be nice to Julie/Julia the book.

Yes, I get bored. I get distracted. Something else calls my attention and I get forgetful. But I can do this. I can focus on it --- oh look at that bird outside.

I have some rewriting to do on my Glee pattern and it's on my list as well - not that it will take me away from knitting the blocks - laser beam focus, I tell ya. I wrote it up knowing the decrease section was a little snarky and sent it off to be tested and the tester came back and said the decrease section was snarky but was a real help in getting it straight. She made some suggestions to fix it so I am going to have to redo it in my language. She was very thorough and helped a lot.

We had a full Spring like day yesterday. Odd such a gorgeous day coming on the heels of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Nature is quite an amazing thing - beautiful and lethal at once. I add my prayers to all who have prayed for guidance, peace, comfort and the sprinkling of blessings and miracles.

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