Thursday, March 3, 2011

The First

My version of Quinn's hat from Glee. I saw the photo but couldn't tell if it was a button or a flower so I made this big ass flower. It sold the first day I put it in the shop - but there's another listing up. I have to write the pattern for this one. It took me a few days of looking at the photo to figure it out. I think I told you in an earlier post.

I finished the baby sweater, too. I started it Wednesday after we went to StitchCraft and I had it to show off Sunday a
t Evanston. I have another one on the needles and it will be a little different. It's the green in the back. The heart is in red and the sleeves will be red with a little green heart of the sleeve. I am going to offer it made to order in the shop. The Coordinating Sweater is the body and sleeves all one color and The Contrasting Sweater will be the body and sleeves are different. I did one front in intarsia and the other in duplicate stitch and though intarsia was easiest to manage, the floats are a pain. I am also thinking about what other motifs I can put on the front that will be more gender neutral - though I have no objections to either gender wearing this soft, comfy bit of goodness. Maybe and ice cream cone or a cupcake.

Feel free to let me know what you think - but remember - it's a baby sweater so keep the idea small.

Actually, that photo has a lot crammed into it. The completed sweater, the sweater WIP, the box for me to send the Glee hat in. My, that ottoman is an office on wheels.

By the way, I did a smaller workout today because the leg is still a bother and I got through it just fine. I have to practically start all over and build up my time but I think it will go pretty quickly and now that the weather has turned to the better, I can add walking! Yeah!


Nicole said...

You should put a star on the front!!

Beverly said...

A Star! Now there's an idea I didn't think of - a star would be good!


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