Tuesday, March 22, 2011

God's Sense of Humor

Saturday was a great day. I made out my schedule and did just about everything on it. I was really psyched about it and looking forward to the next day...but God made me humble.

i haven't been on schedule since. Church. Knitting in Evanston - all enjoyable and fun but they took time from the schedule. No problem. It was time well spent. There was Monday.

Monday. When Mr. Honey walked in the door and announced we needed to do our taxes. 'Doing our taxes' is a euphemism for 'sit and the computer and put in the numbers I tell you.' It usually takes about an hour or so but this year there's a bug in the tax software and it took nearly all day. Mr. Honey also expressed surprise at the amount of money I made last year. He said he saw me working but he didn't know I made that much. Now, this would be something if it weren't for the fact that I made less than I made last year and he didn't seem at all surprised then. I am wary he may be trying to pull a Scott Walker on me and use this as a means to take away my collective bargaining on the amount I get every month.

The hat in the picture sold (YEA!)but I didn't write down the pattern. It looks pretty straightforward so I hope I can recreate it. I search books and notes for the pattern and can't find it. However, I did ship it off but I can't relist it until I know I can do it again. I actually sold two hats because my friend Victoria's mother insisted on paying me for the second hat I made her daughter. I was protesting until she explained she didn't want her daughter thinking everything would just come to her without cost. That's a smart mama.

So today - finally - I got myself back on track at about 9 this evening. I worked out for the first time in three days. I was going to do it earlier but the routine I wanted to do is On Demand on cable and the service went out for about three hours (yes, I paid the bill - I checked) it went out because of the storm.

I got some knitting done and I am working on another square from the Block by Block book. I was knitting it while watching an episode of Knitting Daily and Eunny Jang showed how to cable without a needle (How the heck does she hold her yarn like that?) and I am working on a cable block so I tried it and I really like it. It does speed up the knitting! Now see, taping those episodes have some merit!

I will be with my group tomorrow night at the mall and it should be a great time. I have to figure out what I want to take to work on and I have a funny feeling it should be the welcome gifts I need for the new members joining the church: bookmarks, cup cozies and spa cloths to go with the baby blanket for the baby being baptized - at least that's done!

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