Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shake My Bootie(s)

Come on now. Give it up for the cuteness. Not a bad first, second, third attempt. I found these to be something of a challenge and the lifeline saved me. There was an instruction that's akin to a turning row where you knit the stitch on the needle with a stitch several rows below and that was kind of awkward until I decided to place a lifeline at the beginning of the turning section. That made it easier to find the place to pick up that second stitch - yes, I know, once again I am a frickin' genius!

This might be interesting to do again in a more stable fabric. Even though this Cuddle Muffin is supposed to be DK weight and the booties were designed to be done in sport weight, the DK still seems kind of 'soft'. I think it might be worth doing in a cotton or a light worsted just to make them a little more solid. On the other hand, they are booties and not boots so maybe it's just me.

I am also on square number four of the book and I am still having fun. Photos of those will be coming when there is a more substantial number to be shown - just for the effect of it all - you know.

I saw some old friends last night (old in the sense we've been friends for a long time not that they are long in the tooth - though some of them certainly are that but far be it for me to say. It was a Lenten supper and it was held at our church. There will be one each Tuesday until Easter. It's soup, dessert and a program. This year, we will focus attention on the new country of South Sudan and study a book called, A New Way of Seeing by Gregory Pierce. He was there last night and gave a talk regarding the book and it's premise that the Kingdom of God is here and now and we can plug into the eternity of it today. I found him to be very funny and insightful and it's a small book so there should be no problem getting through it. I am only going to attend four of the seven suppers but I'm thinking I won't be left behind.

He presented the Lord's Prayer in a way I had never thought of before and it has gotten me to thinking about how we do relate to God and Heaven as if they are both far off instead of closer. It should, I think, make me change my behaviors if I thought the Kingdom was a lot closer than I think it is now.

Food for thought.

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