Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Uterine Uprising

Babies are abounding! Cheree had Johann last year, Erin is about to have her first, Michelle had little Dani just twelve days ago, Toi (pronounced Toy) is expecting her second in July and we are having a baptism with little Jaden in a couple of weeks. I am using that as an excuse as to why I have been compelled to knit these: I know I said a few posts back that I had the urge to make a baby sweater and I don't think I knew myself why the urge was strong and then I put together how many babies were coming into the world and I am willing to join the two of them together because knitting is life and life is knitting - especially where babies are concerned. Oddly enough, the sleeves on the green sweater are actually red but I am finding I like the orange sleeves a lot - almost enough to make me cast on another sweater. I do plan on doing another one - just in cotton for the Spring and Summer seasons.

I am so thrilled for all the new parents! Babies are cool - especially when you can have all kinds of fun with them, get them jacked up and then send them home with their parents!

We have a crocheted bedspread on our bed. It was created by one of the women from my mother-in-law's craft group. I found it years ago at their annual craft show. We have a full sized bed and this spread covers it nicely and they were selling it or just $40. I jumped all over that and I do believe that helped get me back into crafting. I've been looking to try and make one of those rippled bedspreads myself.

I started it this afternoon. I have a pattern and I am using scraps to further clear out the stash. We'll see how far I get before I want to pull out my hair. It's 231 stitches...not 230; 231. That last stitch is important.

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Erin S. said...

The sweaters are so cute. I've been knitting baby blanket after baby blanket... too many... but they're mindless. I keep wanting to try a baby sweater, but with my mind these days, there's no way I can remember where I am in a pattern.

What I really want to do is dig out my fabric and make this kid a quilt!


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