Monday, March 28, 2011

This Week's Top Ten List

There's some funky stuff going on in Etsy land. I intended to find shops in Denmark but the site is having some bugs - instead, I just went searching through the treasuries to find ten things that got me going:

Hey Necklace by pianobenchdesigns. It's just cute and if you're stuck on a train, you should have something interesting to read.
by Onike8 - Unicorns are still my favorite but peacocks are right up there!
Messenger bag by Rustic Leather Co. The ULTIMATE knitting bag!
Knitted Necklace by hogen birk knitwear - I saw this made on Knit and Crochet (Now, Today, Whenever.) Looks good here, too.
Map Letters by Little White Dog I'm amazed at how people can recycle or repurpose things and making decorative letters our of old maps is unique and fun!

NOTE TO ALL BOOK PUBLISHERS: CRAFT BOOKS SHOULD, BY RULE, BE SPIRAL BOUND! Part of the reason this square beat my butt was because the book was little hard to manage. I couldn't put it on the scanner to copy the page and the book is too thick for the clip on the light so I had to count the stitches on each row. If the book was spiral bound, I would have had other options. I really had to trust the pattern would come out looking as it was supposed to because I used a post-it to track the rows. It's only in taking the photo that I see it did come out almost right. I did some improvising on the top, bottom and sides so I wouldn't drive myself intarsia insane. I really like it!

Back to the list!

Washcloth and Soap Sack
by indulgent creations - These simple things can be so cute!
Crochet Brooch by Nothing But String - Gotta love it when someone in your field can do something that has 'wow' impact!
Stoneware by mudpie2 We received a piece of handmade pottery as a wedding present and I would have loved to receive this!
Antiqued earrings by pinkingedgedesigns I was actually looking at something else in the shop to add to the list when I saw these - drooling!
Funny Cowl by NonnaLia Funny, yes, but you must love the creativity and her other items are lovely as well!

There you have it! This was a really diverse list - and that's because it came from the treasury listings on Etsy which are created by individual buyers and sellers - so it's the best of what others consider the best! No matter how it came to be - this list is a great sample of the artistry out! Go support it!!

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