Saturday, March 12, 2011

This Week's Top Ten List

This week finds us looking in the state of Wyoming in Cheyenne and in Colorado in Colorado Springs for our list of items I think you should know about and shops you should click:

Coconut Lime Soap by BungalowBathBody - It looks really pretty and will probably scent the whole house the first few days it's there. Then you can use it!
Bitty Bunny Ears by puddintoes - c'mon, if you don't think these are cute, you either don't have a uterus or don't know anyone who does.
Earth Witch Scarf by Ssheilah I have no idea what an earth witch is but she'd look cute in this scarf.
Wood Vase by Cindy Drozda I like the rustic vibe and the clean look!
Sun Catcher by Newmoonglass - you know those banners folks hang outside - which I totally don't get? This is a suncatcher version of that.

I've had my second sale of the year this week! This was also a custom order, which shouldn't be a surprise, everything is now a custom order. I am already planning a sampler sale. How does this help the stash busting goal? I'm not sure that it does. But it does allow those people looking in my shop who say to me: "Does it come in ____ color?" to order the item and have it made in the color of their choice. There are other benefits but we need to get back to our trip out west.

Punk Rock Princess by Nahvrianna - These are so cute and will the babies running around, I can see a lot of these going!
Backpack Buddy by menwy74 Cute seems to be the order of the day and this little keychain brings a smile and a chuckle.
Chandeleir Earrings by Craftygal - Oh these are two pretty, I mean, too pretty!
Snow Boot Baby Shoes by Playing with Fiber - OK, you know that uterine uprising I was talking about a few days ago? Still having it!
Sterling Silver Pendant by Firefallstudios - Simple and beautiful. This would look great on just about everybody.

I realize there's a lot of baby stuff and needlework stuff - that's just how that goes! I certainly didn't plan it, the artisans in those two cities work in those media. Don't fret, I am sure the earrings and tote bags will return in short order.

With the rising cost of fuel and all the unrest in the country and the world, shopping local is a worthwhile endeavor to taking part in the community and saving the planet. Perhaps, in a small way, it will help us to calm down. That has to be good for all of us.

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