Friday, March 4, 2011

Late At Night

I took something of a nap this afternoon. There I was going along with my day when I found myself really tired. Naps are not something I do. Mr. Honey does one every day. He comes home, eats, if it's Friday he will go to part one of his grocery shopping, and then he takes a nap. Usually lasts about four hours. If I am really lucky, Duke will go upstairs and nap with him and I have the entire house to myself with the strange comfort of having both boys home but out of the way.

But today I found myself upstairs doing so
mething and then I was lying in bed and I told myself if I could count to 100 and not fall asleep or lose my place then I would get back up. (I couldn't do it - in fact counting to 100 was a tip my Mom gave me to lull myself to sleep.) I was awake when Mr. Honey came back and he got into bed and it was a mere hour later when he turned that I knew I had to get up. One, I was in bed for almost two hours and I didn't sleep well, and two, that turn meant the snoring was about to begin. It can throw off airplane tracking so I had to get out of bed.

Turns out naps aren't for me unless I'm sick. Good thing to know.

Look at what I made. It's more than you think. Yes, it's
another Glee Gnome Hat but this one has a detachable pom-pom and what's more it has a pattern to go with it. I stayed up last night and knit this while writing the pattern. I then requested two knitters from the Ravelry testing patterns group to see if they could follow my instructions to whip it up. (Except their instructions were for attaching the flower like in my first hat.) We'll see what happens. If I can clear up the instructions, it will be the second pattern I sell. I will also be putting this one up in the shop as a special order.

The second baby sweater is almost done. I have to do the second sleeve, block and put together. That will leave me some time to try and get my friend Victoria's second hat done. Don't ask me why I am making another hat for her because I don't have the answer to the question. I suppose since I will be knitting anyway I can spare the fiber and the time to bond with a great kid.

It has been raining all day. It stopped long enough for me to take pictures of the cap but the rain has been almost non-stop. I am not complaining because this could be snow - which they are saying we are going to get a light dusting of. My flowers are poking out there heads on the side of the house so I guess Spring or something like it is coming.

I'm looking forward to it!

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