Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If You Can't Be With The Ones You Love

Still no DSL service. And you should see the fingers pointing between At&T, Bell and Earthlink. The only things they can agree on: I have no dsl service and it's not my fault. Can they agree on a solution? Nope.

I had one. I said. "Cancel the service and reinstate it using whatever lines and technology you use now."
Their answer?
"That could take a few days."
"As opposed to the twelve days it's taken so far?"
They are determined to have this service corrected. In the meantime, I call the billing department every day and get a credit on my account. I've called all over the place. I haven't been nice and I've been very nice. Nothing seems to work.


Have you noticed when one part of your routine is busted, the entire routine is at stake? I feel this way about not having the dsl service because I am not constantly checking for things on line (emails, orders, etc.) That has a good side to it because it has slowed me down, but it also makes me a little nervous. It's like when your car is in being repaired. You may not have anywhere to go anyway, but it's not having the option that causes the stress.

The back is a little better. It seems worse in the mornings after laying down. I actually did a short workout today - basically arms and I would say there was more discomfort than there was pain. But it was less than 15 minutes and I feel better having done it.

I know I missed the Top Ten list - I promise I will make it up to you.

I'm making progress on the afghan and the shawl as well. Both will be finished any day now. Maybe they will be finished in time for me to show you via my refreshed dsl service.
From my blog to God's ears!!

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