Friday, September 25, 2009

They Shoot Husbands, Don't They?

First, I want to do some Friday Shout outs!
Kim's Crafty Apple is one of our advertisers and she does some really lovely quilts. As you may know, quilts have a place in my heart because I used to have some quilts from my maternal grandmother and I got rid of them because I didn't know hat I had in them. I didn't become crafty until later - don't make my mistake.

My sister Carole put this up on her Facebook page - it is the funniest thing and this kid really has some rhythm for being so young. Check it out when you get the chance. Baby Dancing to Beyonce

I firmly believe there
are miracles all around us. I even believe that every once in a while, we perform them ourselves: case in point: There are times when I ask for Mr. Honey's opinion and it opens the floor for the following miraculous events:

1. I listen to what he says
2. I consider what he says
3. I do what he says

It is even more of a miracle when all three happen on the same piece of advice. And that is exactly what happened when I asked him about stocking the shop. I was musing about whether or not to offer one main item like hats, afghans, etc and then add other pieces and he said so many things that made sense - don't ask me to repeat them - he didn't get the miracle of me retaining what he said. But that's why I entered the hat phase. We figured out that I can make hats faster than I make anything else. Faster than scarves, definitely faster than an afghan or shawl, so hats are the focus and then I will add other pieces. The explanation he gave is sound and it makes good business sense. Hats are easy to design, they offer variety and as I have shown, I have finished six hats in the last few days and the seventh one is on the needles - of course, it is the most complicated.

It even makes sense that I do hats. Most of the hats I've made have sold so I know I can compete in the market. That Mr. Honey, he's got a business head on his cute shoulders.

Here's the problem:
I'm such a child.

The problem isn't with the plan - it's with the person who has to execute it. I have to stop myself from being bored. I have a tendency to run with my feelings and if I feel bored, then I don't try to talk myself out of it. But this is a business and I need a business head to run it.
I am in awe of those people who are creative and focused. Really, I'm just in awe of mature people who work through, around and over obstacles. Maybe when I grow up I will be one of those.

Now, I just have to schedule growing up on the calendar.


Melissa said...

If you want to knit together on days when there is no stitchcraft meetup let me know. I'm bired by myself and the job search can only be done so many hours per day. I'm losing my mind!

Beverly said...

we cant' have you losing your mind - what would the cia say? oh, girlie, i'm all for getting together! Let me get through this next week - I'm singing at a wedding - then you and i are on!


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