Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Resistance

First to clarify: my treasured Susie left me a comment where she noted I've only been knitting for a year...
I've known how to knit for almost 40 years. I picked up the needles again four years ago and I've had the shop for less than a year. Not that I mind being considered something of a phenom, but alas, I'm just your average knitting bear. (But thanks for saying my stuff is gorgeous!!)

The itching has started. As you can see, two more hats have made their way onto the planet. I have already started
another one, but there was a moment when I was looking at other patterns and trying to talk myself into making something else. I almost succumbed.

It's not that it would be a bad thing, in fact, I know at some point, I will have something else on the needles other than a hat, but I'm not at that point yet. This is a business decision and I have to see it through. I cannot be a vagabond about this: I must resist the bohemian calling to just do 'what I want.' I must realize the business is also something I want and in order to make it successful, I really do need to have an anchor product. If I look at all the 'knitting stores' on Etsy, the ones that are the most successful have an anchor product: baby legwarmers, scarves, etc. Then they also offer other items as well.

I didn't invent the wheel, but I sure know how to use one. So, it seems to follow that I also should have an anchor product. I thought about it being afghans, but they take weeks to do. I decided that would be my specialty item. But hats - hats are quick to knit, offer a great variety, and if someone has a head and lives in the part of the country that is not Florida, almost everyone can use a hat. Even places in Arizona have snow and skiing. So hats make sense.

But that wild child wants to go exploring. She doesn't want to stay home and work. She's the same wild child that doesn't want to clean the kitchen. I don't want to send her packing, but I must set her in the corner for a time out so she can think about what she's almost done and has gotten away with in the past.

I love her. But she really needs a little more discipline.



Susie said...

Ok I suck at math. Thanks for the clarification. I think you should do both! You knit so beautifully and quickly you can do afghans AND hats!

Beverly said...

Ever my supporter! Thank you, . I believe I will do afghans because I do love making them. Though I find myself enjoying the hat process as well!

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