Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Passes For Normal

I think things are returning to the regular kind of crazy.

Mr. Honey is having a play date with some of his guy friends. I am rejoicing in this as it has taken me about 15 years to get him to go play without me. I remember asking his good friend Bruce to get him out of the house - not that I was tired of him - but because I wanted him to have his connections like he did before me. Bruce asked him to go some place or another and Mr. Honey's first response (according to Bruce) "Can I bring Bev with me?"


Today they are going to do some
decidedly male thing that has to do with the Santa Fe speedway and cars. Bruce just purchased a 1930-something something and now he and the boys are gonna go scratch and grunt over other old cars.

I'm happy for them. In the meantime, I've done the bling shawl.
I cannot tell you how soft this thing is except to say it's really soft and it's a nice size as well. When I finished it, I thought I should have put the sequins on the top edge and it would drape around the neck and down. That's certainly an option should I do this again, but I rather like it now that I see the photos. It can be pinned at different places for a wrap, shawl or poncho look. Of course it's on sale at designbcb.

I'm working on the stained glass afghan and if I work diligently it will be done today, this weekend at the latest.

Here's almost everyone of the Cotton clan from my nephew's wedding. Missing is my sister's husband (he's on assignment in Liberia.) My sister's son (he's in Maryland) and her daughter (living in Israel); my eldest sister in AZ who couldn't get the time off and her kids and my eldest brother's three kids. But here are the rest of us - eclectic, eh?
Mr. Honey is to the far right - but you knew that, didn't you?

I'm gonna need prayers and good thoughts. The back pain hasn't completely left and it seems like it's cramps from you know, that time, except that time hasn't come for a couple of months. I'm gonna have to suck it up and go to the doctor cuz this is really uncomfortable!
And on that nice note, I'm gonna go drink some water and buy some sneakers!

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