Sunday, September 27, 2009

To Top It All Off

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of being at the Chicago Northwestern United Methodist Women District Meeting. I am the Chair of Communications for the UMW District and we get together a few times a month with reps and members of units in the district who wish to come. It's always a good time.

But I had a decidedly non-Christian moment.

The moment I walked into the church, I saw one
of the women who was responsible for having my knitting group removed from what is still, my church. She called a secret meeting without me and helped perpetuate a gross lie. I know she did it because someone was nice enough to send me the emails she sent around setting up this meeting.

I wo
uld have been perfectly happy just walking past and not saying a word but she had the nerve to walk over to me with a big smile on her face and very enthusiastic "Hi!" before reaching out to touch my arm.

While I was quite tempted to scream out; "Heretic, Viper, Liar!" I took a step back out of reach of the approaching hand and wagged my index finger at her and said, "Please, don't."
She gave me one of those looks - you know that look. It's the one that says "I Know why you did that, but I'm going to pretend not to know why you did that because there are other people around and I don't want you to say anything that might make me look bad." That look.

And would you believe?

She reached out for me again.

That's the funny thing about hypocrites: acting like they haven't wronged you when they have is completely normal behavior for them.

I again evaded the touch and said in a very firm, very low voice. "You're about to run out of luck."

Her face went expressionless and she said "Good Morning." and walked away.

SIGH. Yes, I should have been charitable. (Lily Smith, I can hear you!!) But - and you k
now 'but' means forget what I just said, here's the truth: I"m pleased I stuck up for myself and made her uncomfortable - because it was a lot milder than what I imagined I would do to her because I knew she was going to be there.

Here's the kicker: I had a great time with a bunch of women who are truly inspiring and I was re-elected to my post as Chair of Communications (though this is the last year I can serve in that particular position) so I will have a great time for the next year. That little incident was a very small worm in a very big, juicy apple.

But there's knitting to tell you about! You noticed the hats, right? This is what happens when you have lots of yarn and six days. This is the first part of the hat phase. And I am still in it -
there's another - in green- on the needles right now and the idea of another cable hat is playing somewhere in my head. I am not going to let myself get to excited, but this does seem like the thing to make as the anchor product I offer in the shop.

Remember what I said about listening to Mr. Honey? He was the one who gave me the idea of getting the anchor product in the first place and he has now decided I should add leg warmers and wrist warmers, and this morning he added scarves. My question to him was: How would that make it different than what I am doing now?

"He's still working on the one - the listening to my spouse phase appears to over.



Susie said...

I LOVE the line "You're about to run out of luck." I will have to use that in place of the colorful verbiage I usually use. I think you WERE being Christian in refraining from smacking her. Glad you had a good time in spite of her.

Beverly said...

Now that's what support is all about - friends who enable other friends in bad behavior! You're a pal!!!


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