Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Niece and Nephew

Here they are: Mr and Mrs Cotton-Schmidt. It's a strange and wonderful thing to think I saw this little creature when they brought him home from the hospital. I have fed him, changed his diapers, took him on outings with just the two of us even disciplined him once in a very great while and now he is grown up and has a wife of his own and who knows, I could be asked to babysit his child one day. (Which I will do because I can return the kid, spoiled, at the end of the day.)

In truth, I don't think I've ever seen him happier than he was on Saturday. You would expect a couple to be happy on their wedding day, and they certainly were, but knowing some of what he's gone through, I was grateful that he was happy. That he could find his own happiness. I am grateful he knew it was out there for him to find. And he did find it. Lily is very lovely inside and out. She is a great compliment to him and a great partner for him. She'll keep him in line.

I wish my parents were here. My father would be happy because Jeremy is the first son of a son. My mom would be over the moon because she loved her some Jeremy but she would be thrilled because Lily is the daughter of a minister. So where Lily couldn't keep him in line; Jesus will take over.

There are other photos to share from the wedding including the crazy family I come from (and Lily is now stuck with) and photos of Mr. Honey and me but for right now, this is still their moment.

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Susie said...

What a gorgeous couple they make. Mazel Tov!


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