Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Brag, Just Facts

Neglectful. That's what I've been. Would you accept my apology? It's been a busy week!
But I want you to know I have not been Idle. I haven't been lazing the time away. I've been prepping for a district meeting going on this weekend and I've entered a hat phase. I did these all this week. And I finished the stained glass afghan (which I thought I photographed, but guess I haven't seeing as there are no pictures of it.

We had our Wednesday evening get together last night and Vickie (our resident crocheter) said something very interesting. She was telling one of the newbies (We had FOUR newbies last night!) She was telling them why we no longer meet at the church and then she said: "You know since we haven't been at the church, attendance has been much better."

She's right. We were hovering in the eighties and I thought that was pretty good, but since being thrown out, we raised our membership to over 100 and the attendance has nearly doubled. We still do the same work, we still have mission or charity knitting, we are no longer associated with the church and that seems to have loosened up some folks. Hmmmm.

In any case, last night was a lot of fun. We held a knitting and crocheting tutorial and talked about the upcoming craft show in December and a bunch of other stuff. I love the company of crafters. It is an unexpected and pleasant addition to my life. There is an instant camaraderie with people who use their hands, hearts and heads in this way. Would you believe we had three folks offer the use of their homes for future meetings? How cool is that? In case you were wondering if I was one of them..not really. Our entire house is 1100 square feet. There's barely enough room for Mr. Honey and me.

Besides the craft show, we talked about doing a pot luck and again, folks offered the use of their homes. Very nice people. And I must say, though we are open to having men, and it says so right on the page, there's something really special about our group being only women. I also love the company of women. There is nothing like a sisterhood. I am sure it is the same for the brotherhood, but not being one of them, I can only wish they have it just as good.



ennadoolf said...

Your comment on the sisterhood struck a cord with me - I think that's why I'm still involved with Girl Guides! We have a camp coming up in October that is just for us adults! I can't wait to enjoy the company of all my "sisters" that weekend!

Anonymous said...

No apologies necessary--I've been MIA for months, so you're doing great!

Love the hats. And I agree, crafters are just some of the nicest people.

Beverly said...

I really enjoyed being with those women last night and the other times we've been together. It's just a great time and it makes me feel rather connected to a unique group of people.


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