Sunday, September 13, 2009

...Makes Me Stronger

I have been introduced these past few weeks, with amazing clarity, to my shortcomings. And they are many and quite diverse.

The Earthlink dude or dudette was supposed to arrive between 8am and 8pm yesterday. The phone rang at about 3:30p to the Privacy Manager (which some folks have on their phones) saying Earthlink technician was calling me. I pressed to button to accept the call only to have the automated voice tell me the caller hung up.

No Earthlink dude or dudette showed and Mr. Honey and I were home all day. I called the customer service department and was told the ticket was closed cuz the tech was there but couldn't gain access to the phone box. I told them no one was here. He said he would call AT&T because since it was a problem with the phone line that who they dispatched. I said. "AT&T?"
Mr. Honey said, "There was an AT&T truck that passed by the house but it never stopped."
We have rescheduled again for tomorrow between 8am and 12pm. In the meantime, I have the cutest little Earthlink survey sitting in my mailbox that I can't wait to fill out.

On a brighter note, two strips on the stained glass afghan are completed and I must say I like it. It's very colorful. (Yes, you would be able to tell if I take a photo, but my whole routine is just off kilter and this is how I feel pity for myself...along with chocolate.) But you will have a photo of the finished product and you will see how retro-fresh it is. I'm really liking it.

After this, I will be going downstairs to finish off the living room. It's livable at the moment, but I want it to be showcase ready and that means I have to take all the tote bags out and put them downstairs in the basement with the yarn boxes. Believe me, that will open up new paths and highways. I have come to the conclusion that I must be a better wife. Mr. Honey is quite fantastic and I could strive to be merely OK and it would be a boost. Lucky and blessed am I.

For all the stuff that I am going through, I still have this abiding sense that it will all be well and work out the way that it is supposed to. I believe that people will meet the fate they set up for themselves barring any unforeseen interference or assistance. I believe that when you act with evilness, it will come back and bite you because it is only loyal to itself. I believe that when you lie, you send countless ripples out in the ocean and since you can't track them all, you never know when that one ripple will come back and trouble your water. I believe that all the people in history who had great persuasive ability and used it to express hatred, jealousy and harm met the fate expressed hatred and jealousy and those who used it for good get National Holidays named after them plus the love of man and God.

That's why I believe it will all be OK.


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