Monday, September 21, 2009

This Week's Chicago Top Ten Week of September 21

I'm glad to return to this look at some of the best work done by folks in the Windy City!This list will feature not only some really cool (and hot) stuff, but some creative juice as well. So here, in no particular order, is this week's top ten list of Chi-town goodness.

Seatbelt Tote Bag from alamodestuff
What a cool idea. Taking old seatbelts and making them into something functional. I have no ideas where they got the old seatbelts from, but this was a great way to recycle and upcycle.

Posh Legs by Poshpipsqueak
They must know what they're doing because they have over 100 sale in just a little over four months. These are just a sample of the cute baby leggings they sale.

Fine Silver Earrings by designbysuzyn
She's made the list before and this girl is not only talented, she's also prolific. She has a huge selection of items. If there is someone on your gift list that loves jewelry, then make sure you make a stop at this shop. This pair is just striking.

Quilted Green/white bag from allthingsquilted
I find this shop to be an inspiration because not only do they offer traditional quilts, which are a classic family heirloom, but they also do quilted accessories which is a unique sort of thing. I can see this bag being passed down from generation to generation.

Reversible hobo bag from retrofied
All I could think about when i saw it was 'how much yarn could I stuff in there before Mr. Honey noticed I have more yarn AND a new bag?'

I see there's a new follower and I thank you for making me a place to stop by. That's what I really want to accomplish: to be site where folks (especially crafters) can feel at home. It's why I do the list and will step up doing the interviews and features. I want to provide a little 'feel good' throughout the day. And speaking of followers and feeling good; have you been to LocalGringos yet? She's a one stop shop of feel good things. (There's a set of hand knit tags that are coming to my house!) Now that I've spent money, let's get to the rest of the list!

Red Beret from Pandora Spocks
I'm in a hat phase (I made one last night and have another on the needles as we speak) so I am in awe of those knitters who can make one item again and again. This is a cool beret, and if you go to the site, you'll find it in a variety of different colors!

Dog Collar by LuckyFiona
I don't think I should have been surprised at seeing custom made dog collars, but I am - happily surprised. Note to self: put knitting dog sweaters to match up with dog collars on knitting to do list!

Paper bag print by katep
I had to chuckle when I saw this cuz sometimes I feel like this! Nice depiction of deep whimsy.

Arm Warmers by TrixyXchange
Not only do arm warmers fascinate me, but the presentation on her photos is also nice.

Good and Plenty by funkyeggert
I would not have thought of taking an empty Good and Plenty box and making it into a belt buckle. I wouldn't have thought to do that with a full one, either.

Didn't I say the creative juices were flowing? You have to admit I was right, come on, say it just once. If you have a chance, explore the shops and show the owners some love. Same message - different day. Same message EVERY day. It is the entrepreneurial spirit that will bring us back - the little people - we will save ourselves by owning shops and offering quality items at honest prices. Shop and purchase from them whenever you can.

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