Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Life

What on earth did I do before knitting?

I started the shop more than a year after I picked up the needles. I haven't had it for a year and I've made over 60 things - I'm a knitting fool! Was there a life before knitting>

I am finding it hard to answer the question. You know how your memory goes: you can remember what you were doing when you were two but you can't remember what you have for dinner two days ago? (It was pork chops with dressing and cranberry sauce. What?) I can remember when I said to Marilyn: "We should start a knitting group." And I remember when she told me I had to move away from scarves and make other things and I can remember the blue and white play pen and being in it when I was a toddler - but the space in between those two times are something of a blank:

I went to school - six of them - Chalmers, Irving, Proviso East, Lewis University, Aurora College and Columbia College.

I married - thirteen years ago. I wasn't knitting then. I knew how to knit but I hadn't picked up the needles again at that time. It was a couple of years after that. But I don't know what I did with my spare time. I did some writing, I suppose and some gardening. I was involved with the League of Women Voters. I co-chaired a Committee for a congressman.

Ahhh - it comes back to me now. I did do things before knitting.

I just wasn't having this much fun.


Melissa said...

So when are we getting together to knit?


Beverly said...

what are you doing tuesday? how bout we meet at borders or panera bread or do you have some place in mind?

Susie said...

So you've been knitting less than two years and you knit such gorgeous stuff? I've been knitting about a year and a half and I'm not nearly as good as you! I got some catching up to do!

Beverly said...

Oh no, my Susie -
1st - thanks for saying i make gorgeous stuff. 2nd, I learned to knit in grade school - some time in the seventies, I picked it up about four years ago and I've had the shop for nearly a year,

Melissa said...

Tuesday would be great. How about some place north of Oak Park? I'm in Skokie.


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