Saturday, September 12, 2009

That Which Does Not Kill Me...

Still no DSL. The new modem arrived and when I installed it, there was still no dsl service. I called the Customer Service department and they did a line test and said I was not getting the dsl feed. (So, they couldn't do that before they made me buy a new modem?) The Earthlink guy will be here today between 8am and 8pm. To make matters worse, or just more strange, yesterday talking to the technician, they asked where the outside access to the phone line was, I turned to Mr. Honey and asked: "It's on the pole in the alley, right?" To which he replied, "It's on the side of the house." As if I were an alien being. I relayed the information to the technician.

Yesterday evening, at dinner, I told him the tech would be coming on Saturday to look at the phone line and the box to check the line and he said. "We don't have a phone box on the house."

"But you said yesterday when I asked you that it was on the side of the house in the back."
"Well, if we had one that's where it would be."
"So you didn't know for sure when you told me that and I told that to Earthlink."
"No, I was guessing."

Luckily, the distant between the back of the house and the pole where I thought it was is not very far. The technician probably looked at the ticket and thought we were crazy to suggest it was on the house at all and he probably knows it's in the alley.

Mr. Honey.
Good thing he has a great looking arse.


The good news is, I had a blast with the knitting group today. There were four of us gathered around at Borders and April mentioned she was at an estate sale close by and they had some knitting and crafting books, some fabric and other goodies. We all looked at each, packed up our stuff, jumped in my car and we went over. I walked out with a knitting book chock full of patterns, a huge ball of cotton yarn, and a set of circular needles for all of $4. In fact, everyone walked out with something.

That makes up for all the crap that's going on that I'm not telling you about.
I have the feeling the answer to it all is I need to be more prayerful. I will have to pray about it...and hire an attorney.

Double sigh.

In the meantime, the shawl is coming along fine. I showed it to the knitting group and they thought it was very festive. While they didn't exactly fall over it (they did fall over the sequin afghan) they were very supportive. I can't wait to finish it so you can see it and tell me what you think. The stain glass afghan is also coming along. One strip is already complete and another in the works. I should have at least one more strip done today because I will be working on it today. Thank God for knitting. I mean that most sincerely.

In the meantime, I've started work on all the books. Yep, I will probably end up alternating them and working them all at the same time. Why should my writing be any different than my knitting?

StitchCraft, my knitting group, just reached 100 members and I'm planning a celebration for some time next year after the holidays are done and the holiday knitting season is over and we can use some social knitting. 100 members. Whodda thunk?


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