Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Next Step Forward

Last year I wanted to take part in a craft fair at the high school down the street but Marilyn pooh-poohed the idea and it took two yeses in StitchCraft to do anything. Now that Marilyn has formed her own group, I am free to participate if I want. I passed the school yesterday and they had the call for crafters on their sign.

It's a little nerve-wracking. This is the first one I will be going alone and you have to pass a small jury and pay a whopping $60 or something like that fee. I have enough merchandise to more than make that back if I sell just one or two things. It's an important step to take because I need to get designbcb and StitchCraft established as the store and knitting group available for folks to buy merchandise or come and knit with a bunch of crazed crafters. It all makes sense and I was looking forward to it.

But I'm a little scared.

Not that this will deter me. Even as we speak and I work through the worse back pain (it's my own fault, I failed to take the meds last night and the pain is pounding me again) I have the application pulled up in another window. The only thing I'm stuck on is they are asking for two pictures of my exhibit. What exhibit? Does that mean they want two pictures of my work? What if this is the first time someone is exhibiting? How are they supposed to show that? Do they want a mock setup? I guess I can do that. In fact, that might be a little fun. I don't have long to get it in. The application just went up and the deadline is already next week. So I need to get on it.

The fear is passing and being replaced with eagerness. I give you, dear ones, credit for that. For allowing me to express the fear, I have faced it and determined it is a stepping stone for better things. (Yes, I've taken my meds like a good girl and hope to have relief soon.) In the meantime, there's work to do.

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