Monday, September 7, 2009

This Week Chicago Top Ten for Sept 7, 2009

Need your input! Which book to write first!
Oh kidlets, today is painful! I mean it - painful. I had what I thought was a sore back from doing a whole bunch of walking during the last week, but last night and this morning my back feels like a bunch of little feet spent all night kicking me.

Mr. Honey gave me one of his 800mg Ibuprofen and the back pain actually tapped me on the shoulder and laughed in my ear. The heating pad that was on the spot for most of the night did not help. The only relief I have found thus far is sitting up. But that's not why you're here. You're here because you want to see who and what have made it to the hot list for the week. So, back pain notwithstanding, here, in no particular order, is this week's top ten from among Chicago's best:

Orange Wrap by mylittleaura
Ponchos have been talked about lately as my niece, Tracy, wants me to knit her one and for some reason, I'm liking the color orange. (I would have gotten some the last time I was Hobby Lobby, but they didn't have orange in stock!)

Halloween Stroll by noodleandlou
Y'all know I can't draw a straight line with a ruler so I am always in awe of those who can actually make distinguishable things with paints and stuff. This one just struck me. I like her cheekbones.

Vintage quilt by vintagemerchantile
I had quilts made by my grandmother and didn't know what it was I had so I no longer have them. This is a beautifully done quilt.

Flapper by Elieshappyhats
My nephew, Mike, has a daughter and Megan is a little fashion plate. This is just the kind of hat she would have worn at this age.

Love Choker by lpjewelry
This is a great idea for a personalized gift and it doesn't have to be limited to Moms.

Another follower has joined us since last week! Glad to have you and hope to see your comments on these pages soon! This week's shout out goes to Anne. Visit her blog and you will find free patterns, original designs and all sorts of goodness! We love creative people! Check out the creative and socially involved Anne for a feel good time.

Hand Knit poncho by HappyKATT
Like I said, ponchos have been much discusses. (Hey, it's not a pair of earrings!)

AHPS shirt by greeniebeanrecycle
I just thought it would be fun making up names to go with AHPS.

Scarf by Feltinspired
While I was immediately taken with the colors and design of the scarf, it took me a few minutes to get the double meaning of the shop. I'm blaming the back pain.

Heart by Wrenindoubt
I just like it. And I like it a lot more after reading the description and knowing what's inside.

Steph purse by enjolive
Oh come on, you know one would show up. This bag is great fun. It gives me ideas of my own and isn't that a sign of a good piece of art?

There you have it. Obviously, with the back I won't be running (or even walking) to get the back up modem. Maybe this is God's way of telling me Mr. Honey was right and I didn't need to go out and spend money when the modem will be here in a day or two. Maybe this is a way to help me exercise my soul with patience. OK, I get.

Please visit the shops and take a look at the wares. You know, the holiday season is really just a few weeks away and if these aren't the gifts you'll give, they are certain to give you inspiration!


ennadoolf said...

Thanks for the shout-out! LOL I love your blog. I have no idea which book you should choose though. :) Anne

happykatt said...

thanks for putting my poncho up! Love your blog and I think you should go with "my fathers son" for the writing project.

happykatt said...

Wow! thanks for picking my poncho! Much appreciated. Really funny blog, I'll keep reading. As far as the book is concerned I'd go with "my fathers son".

Beverly said...

I will be looking at your blog for design inspiration. I have the one hat (well, there are others, I've just been too lazy to write them up.)

You inspire me to try!

Beverly said...

Thank you, Happy KATT - I love looking at other knitter's work. It shows me things I hope to aspire to. There's a poncho pattern I've been looking at for months and one day I will be bold enough to tackle it!

Galina said...

Thank you so much for picking my flapper hat! Your blog is awesome, I found a lot of stuff here that I was looking for a long time!!!:) Thanks again!
Galina T

Beverly said...

Well, you are more than welcome! Good to know you can find stuff here! I hope that means you will come back often.



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