Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Remember the cool, calm me? The one that wasn't worried about the stock I had for the sale?

That's over.

I began making the inventory list for the items I will put on sale. I figured out I would like to have $1400 in inventory available. I was making the log and I came to the end and I am short almost a couple of hundred dollars.

OK, so do I panic? Do I not panic and just go into a little blitz and get some more stock in? Do I try and let it go? i can make myself crazy over how I should make myself crazy. This might not end at all well.

On the other hand, the fabulous Melissa was much in our thoughts the past few days. First, because I was thinking of having Mr. Honey take me to McCormick and Schmick for my birthday dinner and the fabulous Melissa recommended we go there. She also talked me through how to do a lining in a knitted bag.

The lining I did turned out very well! Rather proud of myself. It took me a couple of hours to get it done and I am sure practice will lower that because I had to thread my sewing machine and get it working along with everything else. But it came out really well and I am glad I know how to do it! This is why Melissa is fabulous.

But that restaurant was on the sucky side. For the $120+ Mr. Honey spent, that food should have tasted better. The only thing that was really good was the dessert. The calamari was nice and fresh but whatever coating they put on it was flavorless and the sauces were watery. (You'd think with a name like McCormick they would know about spices.)

We had two salads - a beet salad and a wedge salad. The beets were tough and water logged. The wedge salad was better. I would even go as far as to say it was good. Mr. Honey had a glass of wine and I had a Morgan and Coke (that was pretty good.)

The entrees were decent but we've certainly had better steak (me) and seafood (Mr. Honey.) The dessert that was good was the apple pie (great flavor and nice ice cream) but the creme brulee (which the fabulous Melissa said was really good) was merely OK. The room is beautiful and the service was great, but food is why you go to a restaurant and it was so up and down that the saving grace of dessert wasn't that much of a saving grace. We agreed that while we wouldn't take it off the list of restaurants to go to, we couldn't think of a reason to go back - except for dessert. Considering there's a movie theatre close by, that's a possibility.

Melissa is still fabulous. And I think I will knock off a few more items before Sunday - and keep the panic to minimum!

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