Monday, December 6, 2010

When You Believe

So, yesterday was the first day of the Pleasant Home Holiday Shop. There's about two dozen local artisans: jewelers, knitters, book makers, wood carvings, paintings and drawings and others. We are nestled into Pleasant Home which is a wonderful mansion. We are there for the entire week and the first day is always the most attended but folks do come in during the week.

For my group, it is the fourth time we've participated and we've been the top sellers for the past three years. I was a little worried (nothing new there) that we would not make the goal I have placed in my head. The truth is I have a goal for my own sales: $425. Yesterday I took a step towards that goal with sales of $185 - all to one person. Someone I went to grade and high school with who lived just a few blocks from me when we were coming up and who still lives in the neighborhood.

But that's not the great news. The great news is that Miss April sold a bunch of her stuff. Now I believe a seller should be able to price the way they see fit but Miss April seriously under prices her items. She does it for the love of it - in real life she is a real estate agent. She's thrilled at what she made and that is really the important thing. I'm thrilled she sold so much because it is the best she's done in a show.

Yesterday Melissa, April and I manned the table (it's the only day during the sale week we are required to do so) and it was a fun time. Saturday, April, Vicki, Chantal and I set up the table, then we (minus Chantal) went to eat some authentic Mexican food and went over to Knot Just Knits and spent a couple of hours - where the owner of the shop pointed out I was the only one who did not purchase anything - she does not know how great a feat that is. But I did vow to purchase something on Friday when the group goes there - and I am bringing donations to the lending library she has started.

Can anyone tell me where I put the sheet music to 'O Holy Night'? I pulled it out to rehearse it and now I have no idea where it is. I might have taken it to church already - since I have to be in Oak Park before Sunday, I will go and see if I stuck it in my music folder. Maybe it's in the car or the van. I didn't find it in the house and it didn't just disappear so it's somewhere - might as well be at church, waiting for me, laughing at me.

I really want some ice cream.

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