Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Universe in Motion

My drool of the day is this. This stones on this necklace look so earthy and I bet it feels cool and substantial against the skin. Yummy. It is called Island Seaweed by ahavazipporah.

The house is quiet. Mr. Honey is at work and I had to take Duke to the vet today because the poor guy has these little growths on his bottom eyelid
that the doctor said should come off because they will just grow and then we'll have a problem. He also needs to have a good teeth cleaning so he's off on this 'spa day' (thus called so I will feel better about dropping my youngest off and leaving him there.)

On my way back home I wondered what I would do with these precious moments. I thought sleep had a seductive quality and I am certainly sleepy enough but the thing I wanted to do - don't ask me why - was make a good breakfast.

Now, it's not like I don't have alone time in the morning anyway with Mr. Honey at his part time job (He's thinking of quitting at the end of March, pray for him to continue or else he will be home. Home. A r
etired man at home is not a good thing.) But this is total alone-ness. I don't have a lunatic dog barking in the backyard because a squirrel had the audacity of being on the roof of the garage. Or a male of the species in the kitchen who thinks the only real way to place something in the sink is with a good slam to make sure the object knows where it's going.

This is real quiet. Not even the t and v is on. There isn't even music at the moment though in another moment there will be. I
can happily go sit in the easy chair with an afghan around my legs and feet, my knitting in my hand and doze off. Heaven in a Lazy Boy.

Oh, I had grits and sausage with orange juice for breakfast. So good.

Here's the afghan I had been working on. I finished it over at Pleasant Home and while I was there yesterday doing an inventory check (more items sold, thank you very much.) I decided to bring it home because there was no price tag on it and I didn't have any with me and because I wanted this to be the first new item in the shop after the sale is over.

I decided I would like everything currently over at Pleasant Home to be sold. It's been handled all week and I would really like to go into 2011 with a clean inventory slate. So I am really going to slash the prices on the items there when I am over there next (tomorrow, the knit group is meeting. Afterward, I will go over to the house and slash the prices 30 - 40% then put out a Facebook posting. Items that are left over after that i will try and get into the Oak Park Women's Exchange to sell.
I really want to come home with as little of it as possible. It's become a thing with me.

Probably the second item in the shop will be the Blue Bohemian Blanket - that's the official name of it. It's probably half done and it will use up skeins. Right now, most of the skeins still look like they have a lot left in them but when I pick them up I see how they are almost used up - YEAH. That stash busting goal is still hanging around and I want to end the year with a good whack at moving that along.

Right now, I am going to grab some soda (Coke Zero) my mug with ice that I keep in the freezer, set up in the easy chair with the knitting and I will watch episodes of t and v shows i didn't catch during the past few weeks - one of the perks of On Demand. I'll sleep a little, doze a little, knit a lot and enjoy the quiet of the universe in motion while I stay pretty still.

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BERNICE said...


I miss seeing you. Your alone day sounds heavenly. My honey is home most of the day with the exception of his bus runs. Of course, he is not as energetic as your Mr. Honey. Mine generally naps during the day:-) The madding noise of drills and saws is enough to drive one to drink which isn't all that bad. I know that when all is said and done, my home is going to look like I have dreamed. I would have like to have done the remodeling years ago, but being in the middle of it now, I know why I didn't. Take care and don't let your fingers stop. Wouldn't want you to forget how to knit:-)


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