Monday, December 20, 2010

Easy Does It

Does it make you uterus ache? Just a little? Me, neither. But I do think it's really cute and I think it came out really lovely and it's not even blocked yet! This little darling is for a two year old. Can you imagine it in red with a heart or green with a shamrock? (Note to self, find a shamrock motif...)

We don't have any two year olds in the neighborhood any more - at least I don't know any who are that young - so I can't try it out on anyone. (Another note to self: get a toddler doll.)

Duke is wearing his dog coat and it will have to be redone. The pattern is written for a dog that doesn't run...into bushes. Mr. Honey looped a collar through it and we
have other thoughts on how to change it up - he does look hot - whatever the canine equivalent of hot is and he already knows that when we pick it up it means freedom for him and perhaps he can stay outside in the snow and cold a little longer. In fact, when he wants to go back out after we've called him in, he will avoid us taking the coat off.

I had selected a shawl to do next with the idea I would market it as a bridesmaid's gift. I did a swatch (pause while you pick yourself up off the floor) and the yarn I used wasn't right for it. It came out to thick. I didn't find this out until after I purchased five skeins. So instead of the shawl, the skeins, which happen to be a shade of blue, will be used in another blue afghan.

This one is a take off on the amber waves afghan which I've wanted to do for years. Since the blue bohemian didn't kill off as much of the stash as i thought it was going to, this should do it in for sure. it requires double stranding or the pattern just won't work and it's coming along very quickly - the original pattern wants size 15 circulars but the only size 15 circulars i have are from my interchangeable needles and one of the few flaws it has is the larger needles are very short and kind of uncomfortable so I am using my Clover bamboo needles and they are working like a dream. The yarn isn't slipping away and it isn't sticking and the work is going relatively fast. I get to work on it for a couple o hours and hope I make some really good progress. it would be nice to get it done before year's end - no pressure - ten days. It's not like I'm cooking Christmas dinner. We are leaving that to the fabulous Melissa who has invited over to her joint. We are bringing wine and a dessert. Mr. Honey told me what he was making but darned if I can remember what he said. I might hand him the recipe for Trifle that folks made last week at church - that stuff is angel's food! They made it with brownies instead of angels food cake and even the angels came down with their spoons!

I'm off for a couple of hours of blissful knitting and probably to watch some of what has been recorded on the DVR. I will take a photo of the Deep Blue Sea afghan for the next posting!!

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