Thursday, December 23, 2010

Funky Town

My drool of the day: Lemon Calendula soap by Angelic. I have to have a bar of handmade soap in the house. The stuff is sinful and when the one I have now begins to run out, I will make my way over to Angelic's shop. Have you tried homemade toiletries? It had to be what Eve used. My goodness, if someone local makes some of this stuff, you owe it to yourself to try and it and if they don't, start with Angelic - you will be so hooked!

I took the Deep Blue Sea afghan with me last night to Tamale Hut Cafe to be with my knit crew (April and Melissa - where were you??) In the midst of knitting a row, I decided I didn't like. Well, I decided I didn't like it before then but I changed my mind. Now I really don't like it so I cut it off and it is in the middle of being frogged.

My posse (Vickie, Robin and Marion) looked over the colors and we picked the ones we thought would work best and I tried to start over but just decided the colors were not going to work with this particular design. Worked very well for the Bohemian Blue not so much for this one. Thus, I have started a new project - a hat and scarf set using the ton of blue I purchased thinking I was going to use it all up in the afghan and thus not adding to the stash.

Let this be a lesson to you - I don't know what kind of lesson but I am sure there is one in there to be had. The hat and scarf are things I've done before and it should be a relatively quick knit. Even though I have started the scarf over already because there are more stitches than there should be and because it's a lace pattern, it's a little hard to correct so it's better I should just start it over.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and it has been decided we shall go over to my sister-in-law's house. But when I think about it, Mr. Honey will be going over to her house. I will not be able to join them. She is having dinner early (around 4) which means dinner won't be ready until 5 and I have to be at church at 6 to rehearse and then we have our service at 7. Since her house is about 20 minutes from our house and moves me away from my church - the logistics just won't work. So I will send him off and hopefully he will remember to bring some Christmas dinner back home to me.

Tomorrow is also the date my father died. In the past, I've missed my mom more than my dad, but this year I feel his loss more acutely. I don't why that is but I don't think I'm going to try and figure it out. There's nothing wrong with missing him so it's not a problem i need to fix. I just want him to know that I am missing him and I think of him every Christmas Eve but this one I'm feeling a little more than usual.

I hope you are surrounded by family or if not that they are within an email or a phone call's reach. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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