Thursday, December 2, 2010

In My Own Little Corner

So this is the afghan I'm working on. It should be finished within the next few days. I have roughly 24 more color changes of 2-8 rows and (I timed it) it takes 8 minutes to finish a row - so I have more or less 960 more minutes to go - I can wait for you to go get the calculator or you can just let me tell you it's 16 hours. I still have some knitting hours in me today - in fact, the schedule says I have two free hours coming up - part of that time will be used working out but the rest can go to knitting. Tonight is date night but I don't see any reason why this afghan won't make it to the first day of the sale this weekend. I have tallied almost my entire stock and I will be about $100 short of my goal of having $1400 worth of merchandise available. I have quieted the panic devil by calling it out and accusing it of just wanting to speak to have noise. Once this afghan gets done, I will be fine (though it will not cost $100 to be sure.)

Remember my telling you I wanted a craft lamp for Christmas and I got it for my birthday because Mr. Honey hasn't figured out how to fulfill my birthday wish? Well, even if you don't, I said there was a funny story behind the craft lamp I got and here it is:

I gave Mr. Honey a flyer from Joann with the following statement. "All the craft lamps are on sale for 50% off and if you go on certain dates, you can get an additional 20% off the 50%. Here's the flyer." I pointed to the ad where it stated the craft lamps were 50% off and had the dates of the sale and the date to get the additional 20% off.

That's all I said.

So he walked in with
this: the craft lamp to end all craft lamps.
Now, keep in mind, I did not tell him what craft lamp to get and the ad said the price range was something like $15 - $200. When we talked about lamps I believed the only thing I mentioned was a lamp on the table next to my chair.

This lamp could be assembled to be a desk lamp, floor lamp or clamp lamp. It comes with a magnifying glass and a clip for your patterns (or something) and the thing swings 360. So, I'm putting it together and I'm thinking out loud if I could get the accessory pieces on the thing when Mr. Honey says:

"As much as I paid for it, you better be able to use everything."
I said, "I'm sure I can, I just have to figure it out."
"As much as I paid for it, you should be able to use it all."

"Weren't the lamps 50% off?"
"Did they give you the other 20% off?"
"So when you say how much you spent, are you counting the original price or the price you actually paid?"
"What I actually paid."

OK, I'm thinking, how much could you have spent with 60% off? (It's not 70% the 20% came off the already reduced price not the original price.) If the lamp cost $200 then he spent $80 - a good piece of change but not a heck of a lot but remember, Mr. Honey is cheap thrifty.

"How much did you pay?" I expected to hear $65 - $80 in which case I can just ignore the rant.

"$116. The original price was $270"
"What on earth would possess you to spend that much money for a lamp?" (Imagine the voice going up.)

Now, the correct answer to the question is: "Mrs. Honey, I know how much you love crafting and this is your business as well as your passion and no lighting is too good for my baby."

The answer I got:
"It's the one you said you wanted."

Scroll back up and review what I actually said when I gave him the flyer. "I didn't tell you what lamp to buy. Where did you get the idea this is the one I asked for?"

Wait for it.....

"It's the one in the picture."

I haven't responded yet. Makes me crack up every time I think about it. The only thing I can say is that when I need a car I'm going to hand him the catalog with a Lamborghini on the front.

No, no ladies, back off - he's all mine.


Melodye said...

I absolutely love it!

cici said...

The afghan is gorgeous. Great story. All I can say is I agree with you....add Lamborghini to the list.. That lamp is a doosey♥


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