Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Renewed Interest

My item of the day is a pair of Peacock Feather earrings by AfriqueLaChic. They are gorgeous...go take a peek at them!

So, I finished an afghan during the Holiday Shop and I immediately placed it in the holiday shop so I don't have the photo of the finished afghan.

That left me with nothing to knit. That couldn't last very long so i decided to pick up a WIP and I am having a blast knitting it. The blue afghan is knit with a yarn change every single row with some a length of yarn left at the end of each row. There's a wide range of blues and a white skein thrown in just to make a contrast. There's even a skein of fuzzy yarn. It's random - you take the number of different yarns you want and throw them in a bag - pull one out, knit a row, cut if off leaving a tail, add another ball leaving a another tail and so on.

Even though the photo is not the best you can see how gorgeous it's turning out to be. Because it's garter stitch, there's some cush. it's also going to be big. I don't yet have a size in mind but I do want to use up all the stash - which is about twelve skeins. I want it to be big enough to be cuddly and something that can be used when curled up in the chair watching the t and v or even in a small bed.

I have to say afghans are my favorite things to make. Making hats are a kick but afghans are big and soft and as Melissa and April stated, you can use them all year round. You can make them thicker for colder weather, thinner for chill chasers, smaller for kids and lap size for those who are confined to wheel chairs. You can make them in one piece, in strips or in squares, you can even make them circular.

I didn't expect getting back to it would be so much fun. I suspect it's because I don't have to think about it much. Knit a row. Stop. Knit another row. Simple, elegant and nice. I'm having a great time!

I have to get Mr. Honey's gift - he wants a car seat warmer - do not ask me. Believe it or not, they are sold in lots of places. I told him I would change my gift because he seems to be having a hard time with it so I was thinking about the Zephyr Acrylics or the Nickel plated interchangeable circular knitting needle sets - has anyone used them? Let me know which ones you used and how they work. I love the Addie Turbo needle I have but I think they are awfully expensive so I am willing to get some really good ones.

Let me hear from you!

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