Thursday, December 30, 2010


It occurred to me you haven't seen the hat. Well, I knew you hadn't seen the hat, I just got around to taking a pic of it. A cute accomplishment.

I'm getting ready for the New Year. I was going to ask some folks to come over and put some feelers out but Mr. Honey has other plans that involve me but no one else. So we are doing things his way for NYE considering he followed what I wanted to do for Christmas - he really enjoyed himself at Melissa's and they ooohed and aaahhhed appropriately at his cake - which was supposed to be a trifle but I'm over it.

Yesterday there were four squares done and now there are seven complete - we are trucking along down the afghan super highway - can I get it all done by the 22nd? Still remains to be seen. One of the fun parts about doing this afghan is I am using all my square and pattern books to make them - except for the Great American Afghan and the Technical Afghan books - one because Melissa has one and because the squares will come out too big for this afghan so I can't use them. But I have pile of five books and I alternate between them and so there are some crochet squares thrown in. All the knit books I notice have garter stitch and stockinette stitches in them and one book says the stitches can't be used for commercial purposes - seriously? Do they think they invented garter and stockinette stitches? Yeah, try and defend that in any court of law.

I took another look at the bag I made and I do think it's cute - though I will still make another one for the shop - but it 's got the cute working.

Tomorrow is NYE and the weather is supposed to be between 40 and 50 - heat wave!! We're talking about putting things on the grill and freezing them for later. Not a bad idea. For the NYE dinner, I am thinking spaghetti and catfish. This plan may be nixed by Mr. Honey because it is his night to fix dinner but we will see.

In the meantime, I am feeling a little peckish so I need to eat something and get back to the knitting - I have a goal to reach and I also need to make something else before the 22nd for a gift and will need all the time I can get.

I suspect I will post tomorrow, but in case that doesn't happen let me wish you and yours a safe and festive celebration of the coming of 2011. May your wishes and good intentions see the light of day.

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