Saturday, February 5, 2011

90 Days

It is 90 days until our 15th anniversary and there are some things I want to accomplish by then. I am hesitant to say it aloud - as aloud as one can get typing but I think you know what I mean:

Type two pages a day to complete one of the books.

Keep up my knitting - such a task - so I can earn a trip to Hobby Lobby for worsted weight & cotton yarn and a LYS for some luxury stuff. This, of course, will be an anniversary present.

Continue and increase my workout calendar and make big inroad to my fitness goals.

You can feel free to ask me about any of these goals as a way of keeping me honest and motivated.

Want to see my soap sacks? If the answer is no you should leave the
room: This is another one of those phenomena that goes with why the dentist's kids have bad teeth and the hairdresser's kids have funky haircuts. The knitter has been saying for the longest time how she needs one of those soap thingys that hold the soap ends so they don't end up all over the soap holder turning it into a slimy mess. This same knitter has looked over patterns to make them and never put the two of them together. She finally makes them for sale in the shop and until this very moment didn't think of knitting up a few more for personal use.
Tell me that happens to you as well.

The snow will be with us for a while even as we warm up to the low to mid thirties in a few days. I wondered out loud where all the water was going to go and Mr. Honey with scientific smugness enlightened me with the fact that 20 inches of snow only amounts to two inches of water.

I told him then he wouldn't mind if every house on the street took their 20 inches of snow each and put it in our basement.

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hachemc said...

Cool - love your soap sacks - hope you got around to making some for yourself!!! Yes, I too hate slimy soap and appreciate the usefulness of the soap sack.
As for the water - yes, I'm waiting for the sun to shine and melt away the snow and it couldn't do it soon enough if you ask me...


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