Monday, February 14, 2011

Broken Things

Mr. Honey thinks I've broken my leg. Since I am walking on it, albeit in pain, I don't think that's the case. Falling down the stairs is no fun...but almost falling and putting your entire weight one leg while holding on to a railing with a big knitting bag on one arm and a digital camera in the other with a small child behind you is less fun than falling. If I had fallen I probably would not have hurt myself but chances are good I would have hurt the child and the camera - much, much worse.

Yes, I sacrificed myself for a child. This child: my friend, Victoria, who is wearing the hat I crocheted for her. The deal was I
would make her the hat if she would then be the model for my kiddie hats. She has since put in her order for a complete hat wardrobe with a strong emphasis on a beret (red and orange)that has a great slouch in it. She also wants a matching scarf.

Ah, the young. They think fiber grows on trees.

She says the slouchy beret will 'make all my friends jealous' which, of course, is what you want your friends to feel. Heaven forbid such feelings should be saved for those we do not love.

I actually do not have a pattern for a child size beret with or without a great slouch - I do have a pen, paper and calculator and I have adjusted an adult size beret that I can make and see if it fits - not too concerned about the color right now just want to see if it works.

In the meantime, Mr. Honey has provided me with his walker from when he had his Sciatica
and i am hobbling along as best I can. I tried to workout and i am here to say that one shouldn't try and do that when one has hurt their leg within the last 24 hours. Tomorrow will be soon enough to give it another shot. Luckily, the hands were not hurt in the process so the knitting can go on. I finished a gray on gray cowl that I started last night and I will get a photo of that as soon as I can manage it. I'm going to be perched in my chair for the better part of the day and so I should get a lot of things done.

Ibuprofen is a God send.

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hachemc said...

Try capsaicin or ben-gay and keep taking ibuprofen... What did you go and do to yourself now? I'm not jealous of your bum leg but I am jealous of your knitting. Ah jealousy! Your model is very cute and has good taste in hats!


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