Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here's something I didn't think I could do with granny squares:
I've done this cap twice now - once in the green seen here and I have one done in purples. It's really a lot of fun. What am I saying - most everything we do in knit/crochet is fun.

Did I tell you the fabulous Melissa took up crochet a few months back and is well on the way to being a crochet fiend? I kid you not - her first real project was this vest thing which involved some intricate work. The wonderful Vickie is proud of us.

Yesterday, I finished six things. A scarf that the pattern said should take about four hours to crochet took about 2.5 and then I made six face scrubbies out of cotton just to see if I could read the picture I saw of them. They were fun to make so I kept going until there were five of them...then I went to bed because I didn't think I could explain to Mr. Honey why staying up to crochet face scrubbies was different and somehow not as logical as the other reasons I stay up knitting and crocheting.

The date has been set for the Fourth Annual SIt and Knit - May 14. If you are in
the Chicago area and want to sit on the veranda of a beautiful mansion in a park setting, then grab your needles and hooks and come on out. Miss Vickie will be heading up the project this year and it's chemo caps for Loyola Hospital! I am hoping spring will be truly here by then. Last year, it was a little cold so we were in the dining room in the mansion instead of outside. It is so much better outside!

Tonight is knit group and once again we will be at the mall in the Food Court. I feel as if I haven't seen them in a while even though it was just a few weeks ago. I think it's because I was laid up. As much as I love just being able to veg and knit, the human contact thing is rather important. And even though I was in class on Saturday with a group of very inspirational people, sometimes you just need your homies around you.
I will be seeing my homies this evening and I will have my baby sweater project in tow - that's right, I am going to cast on a baby sweater. I haven't made one in - probably years. It's for a small baby so I will have to have another project ready just in case I finish this one off before tonight. Though I don't think I will.

Mr. Honey is hovering which means he wants to use my laptop with the faster connection than his dial-up. We have the same Internet provider and for just $5 more a month, his laptop can be upgraded but he doesn't want that. Go figure.

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