Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blessings Everyday

This is the new collage of item's I've made for the year. The last one had 24 photos and this one has 28 and if you don't know how to use Picasa to make and alter photos, let me tell you it's a nice, free tool to have.

The wonderful Melissa snapped at me Wednesday night because I had what I felt was a real dilemma. If i sell a set of 5 face scrubbies - which the marvelous Chantal loved - did I make five things or one? Miss Vicki and I were pursuing this question when from across the table came a "Oh God!" OK, so I gather she doesn't think it's an important thing. I believe the word 'competitive' was bandied about.

I cannot explain why I think it's important but I do keep track of what I make over the year. So, I am going to count it as five different things because they are full projects and they didn't form themselves.

I spent the past two Saturday mornings at Lay Speaker Academy and can I tell you what a wonderful class it was. This year I took Advanced Preaching taught my Rev. James Preston and the man was born to teach. He clearly enjoys it and gives instructive, constructive criticism that will go a long way to making us all better preachers.

There were great people in the class and there are some churches who are very lucky. Maurice and Audrey stand out to me because they had the best presence in the pulpit. Audrey is a new pastor at a church a couple of blocks from my house and I look forward to visiting the church again to see her in service.

Maurice and I were in class last year and we bonded again this year. He gave a sermon (we all did} which reminded me of my father. That doesn't happen very often and I so wish to count him among my friends. Audrey, too. She's a sweetheart and it's impossible to have too many sweethearts in your life.

There was snow out there - imagine that in February - and I am ready for Spring. I am hoping to be here when Spring arrives. I am going to have to get a complete physical and I want to do that in the late season.

Tomorrow is a full day at church and some afternoon knitting in Evanston. In the meantime, I have to put together the sweater pieces which have been on the blocking board since yesterday and then decide what's coming next. I am looking at the intarsia afghan look at me and I have a special order hat that needs a second draft - maybe I'll work on those next...or not.

Hey, I'm competitive not decisive.

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