Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Week's Top Ten List

So, last week's Top Ten were folks who had not yet had a sale on Etsy and this week we are focusing on artisans from Akron, Ohio. Don't try and understand it - just go with it!

Valentine Hearts Earrings by Decorate the Diva. They were made for me - she just didn't know it when she did them!

Bow Head Warmer by Noodle Noggins - It's a little retro-fresh and very cute. I can't wear hats or headbands but this would look great on those who can!

Ice Skaters by Renie Britenbucher It was hard selecting which painting to include but the colors won out on this one!

Giraffe by Peachy Paws I love Giraffes! If they add a unicorn they will officially rock!

Owl Hat by Cozy Crafters I aspire to this level of cuteness!

So, I was so sick Saturday night and all through the day Sunday. I finally felt better at 4 in the afternoon. I was so bad Mr. Honey said I was crying in my sleep and I woke up with a headache and some serious nausea. I started to get a little scared when I got the chills but taking my temp it was only 95 which is low from my normal 96. I slept most of the day away after taking some pepto and aspirin.

The good news is I felt better Sunday evening and staying off my feet all day made my leg feel a great deal better and I was able to have a small workout Monday morning. Scary.

Now after that ray of sunshine, here are the final five!

Chubby Pitcher by NSpottery I love pottery. I tried my hand at it as a child and soon realized I had no talent for it whatsoever.

Dog Snood by Frogge Dog Shop - disturbing on so many levels.

Sexpot by JMNPottery - Put my last two comments together...

Fun at the Circus by Kye Bags - leave it to a tote bag to bring us back to normal. This one is fun!

Anouk Cowl by EStar Knits I LOVE this wrap and I can imagine it in all kinds of colors. It is simple and yet very classy and classic.

So there's some kind of talent in Akron! If you know any Ohioans you can let them know they have a town featured! It was fun looking at the talent in another city...I may have to make this a regular thing!

Did you hear? My great state (and some say my city) is hosting 14 renegade senators. Goodness gracious!

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