Thursday, February 10, 2011

A New Day

I have not driven since before the snow storm. I think the last time i was behind the wheel of a car was in January. That may change today. Mr. Honey and I take turns driving when we go out. I have the even number months and he, of course, has the odd number months. But when the blizzard made the streets funky last week, I declared that he would be doing the driving. The snow is still on the ground - lots of it - but it's in a pile not scattered over the place making existence somewhat snarky. So, tonight I am certain I will have my driving duties back. Also, it is colder than a gravedigger's you know what but the sun is shining and the day looks bright making it one of those beautiful winter days.

The workouts continue but I have to protect my recorded episode
of BEST Step Workout because FitTV has disappeared to be replaced by Discovery and it's dull, dreary programming mostly about being pregnant with some other circumstance (I'm pregnant and 80 years old) and emergency room medical reality stuff. Seriously? Not interesting in the least for me. I was down for the count a few days last week because I wasn't feeling well and when I came back to my workouts, my legs were like two lead balloons but I am working out longer every day and my legs still feel like two lead balloons but that's because my muscles are sore - which is a good thing.

The knitting and crochet continues - of course -
and here's what I'm working on: the intarsia bedspread is coming along well. I had one of those moments where it wasn't my favorite project of the moment and because it was my only project I was in danger of ripping out my already short hair. To combat this, I decided to start making the motifs for the falling leaves afghan. I thought it would be really cute to pin them to the blocking board and when the blocking board was full to steam them all at once. Of course, the entire afghan calls for nearly 200 of these and they won't all fit on the board at once but the premise still works. Also, you may be able to see just a snippet of a brown yarn in the intarsia photo that's being crocheted into a cowl. I saw this pattern and thought of this yarn and when I found the yarn - while looking for something else - I started working on it. The fiber is I Love This Yarn and even though the price has gone up $1.50 in the last couple of years (I know it's not a lot; it's the principle!) I still have to count it as the best economy worsted weight yarn.

Working on these other items had the desired effect - I miss working on the bedspread so I will go back to that one. It probably won't be the last time we're on the outs - this will require several strips.

We are in the midst of a cold snap but it will change over the weekend and we will see at least a 30 degree change in the weather going from single digits to over 30 degrees. I hope to be back tomorrow showing some finished object or another. In the meantime, back to work and crafting!

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