Friday, February 18, 2011

Sum of All Parts

Depending on how you want to count, I have completed 26 - 33 items this year. It would be 26 if you counted a set as one item - I know there are 25 things shown here - I didn't include one of the hand puppets - but are the golf club covers 3 items or 1?

I dragged my leg outside with the rest of me to take photos - the first seven were taken yesterday - overcast days are great for photography as I said. Overcast days, especially using a digital camera, will make colors run more true. On a sunny day, I wouldn't get purple hats; I would get blue ones. That is a source of irritation for me. So, there's a tip for photographers - use an overcast day to advantage in taking your photos.

I am fully aware I would not be able to produce so much,eh, produce if I had young'uns at home. Of course, if we had kids immediately they would be tweens and would be ignoring us now so perhaps I would have time. But the kid we did help raise is in her 30s and living on her own on the upper left coast so again, I have time. (We got her when she was in her teens - young enough for us to mess her up, get strangely attached and cry like rivers when she moved, and thank God we didn't mess her up after all.)

I love this craft. As much as I turned my nose up at crocheting - which I learned first - I am glad to have picked it up. At least nine of the things I've done are crocheted. The joke is on me. Ha. They both help soothe me but in different ways - freaky. I would explain the difference here but I'm putting it in the book. (Hey Julie!!)

Right now the finished objects are occupying the chair and the top of Mr. Honey's snow thrower box. I was asked to donate items to a school auction and I am trying to decide what items from last year I want to give them and that will free up the storage space for some of the new stuff. Incidentally, if you know of a school or other organization who needs items for a sale, raffle or auction, let me know and I will be more than happy to contribute. I have more than enough for any show and the shop and I don't want to lose track of the giving component I started out with.

I hope your weekend is great! I will be limping off to Lay Academy training - I have to reluctantly admit to really hurting the limb. I walked half a block when we went out to breakfast this morning and I was looking for a vet to put me down. We're supposed to have a little snow over the weekend and then pop right back to sunny - I hope you fare as well!

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