Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My 500th Post

This is my 500th post - which really sucks considering this is the start of my 4th year. I can't even double my efforts for the year because blogging more than once a day is, well, obsessive. it would be even more obsessive than I normally am.

But let me show you what I worked on during the Super Bowl:
They are circular spa cloths. Like the soap sacks, I think they would be great to have personally and I think I can whip one up for myself. The thing is, they are surprisingly quick to make taking less than 30 minutes. These are not blocked and I imagine the lace would look even prettier once that's done.

The stash busting intarsia afghan bedspread is going well. I am almost done with the first strip. I was working on it this morning when Mr. Honey walked in the room and said it looked nice so I know I am on the right path with it. This is going to take some time to get done. The five strips for the original pattern will turn into six or seven strips for the bedspread. The most interesting thing is that I am using the big bobbins and it's really fun. I will take a photo later - don't feel like doing it now.

Whoever made God angry should apologize so this snow can stop - or at least stay in the east...

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