Thursday, October 8, 2009

And the lids just keep on coming...

Jewellshandmade sent me a tweet asking if I was blessed with being a fast knitter. (You can find me on Twitter under designbcb!) And I responded to her that I was. That in the past couple of weeks - about four - I have completed a shawl, an afghan, eleven hats and four scarves.

Any normal thinking person would think that's a lot. And most days - at least part of most days - I would call myself normal thinking. However when it comes to the time right before a sale, my normal thinking is replaced with a tad of the A.B. Normal thinking because the
blessing of being a fast knitter is influenced by the curse of being a paranoid shop participant.

I always think there will not be enough to go on sale. I thought that way when my group participated in the sales at the church and I think that way since we will be at the holiday shop at Pleasant Home again this year. Now understand, that at these sales, I usually contributed a lot and as I look around the living room and dining room, I notice I have a HUGE duffel bag, a large bin and a storage bag full of items that are in the shop and will be on the table in the holiday sale. A quick calculation will tell me I have nearly 70 items all my own and the sale isn't until December and unless there's a run on the shop, I will have items enough - plus there are other members of the group who will contribute items of their own. I then say to myself I have some items I asked the old group to return to me and I have to pick them up from the friend who was kind enough to get them for me. (I am hoping they have enough integrity to return all my items) and that will give me even more. I should not worry.

All this I tell myself. I also keep in mind that we've never sold out.
But the worry happens all the time. I think I'd worry if I didn't worry about it.

So, there are more hats
and scarves...somehow scarves made it in. OK, I admit, I almost talked myself into being bored with doing just hats so I thought I would throw in some scarves just to keep myself from totally abandoning the plan. But the thing is: I wasn't bored with the hats. While I was doing the scarves, I was thinking about the next hat I could about that for a turnaround?

During our play date, Melissa asked if I ever thought of opening a fiber shop (nope). I have thought about have a very nice space where groups
can come and sit, knit and do other crafts. I suppose we can add the sale of fibers in there, but no, being a fiber shop owner has never crossed my mind. (BTW, Melissa, we should do that again. I'd even be willing to go the same place. Just let me know!)

I think I'm too cheap to have a yarn shop. I would be worried about having yarn that was over about $15 a skein. Then there's all the taxes and stuff. Yikes. I don't have the mindset for it.

Speaking of hats and fibers - A long while back, I purchased some of Deborah Norville's chunky weight yarn and as I was finishing up a scarf at about 1 this morning, I thought I would go down to the basement and pull out that yarn to make the next hat in my head. I think I have about five skeins total and actually found three of them in the same bin. I put it on the needles and started the hat.

I don't much care for Inside Edition but the yarn is great! It's called fine
acrylic (la de da) and it's really soft and knits like a fluffy dream. I didn't even get upset when 15 rows into the hat I realized I was doing the wrong stitch - meant I could start again!

After searching for a chunky weight yarn I could love, I believe the search is over. Now, the colors she offers aren't the best, but I can work with it. My birthday is next month - I know what I'll be getting during the Hobby Lobby shopping spree. I think they sell i
t - if they don't, Michael's does. Hey, 98% of the stash is worsted weight and a knitter needs to have a back up fiber and for me, it's chunky weight. Some of you love sock yarn and i don't. I want the worsted, chunky and super chunky. What was missing for me was the chunky weight and I may have found some thing to fill the need. Let us take a moment to rejoice.

Thank you.


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