Friday, October 16, 2009

Maybe Later...

I was lying bed this morning...reading a novel. That felt really good. A nice way to wake up. Well, actually, I woke up thinking about how old I was and how my body was acting older than my age when I told myself 'Not really, you're middle aged.'

Good to know I can pump myself up.

I picked up the book and started reading and that made me feel a little better. I check the clock and it was before 8am and i told myself I needed to get up to take my walk. Three blocks east then turn around and walk three blocks west and I should be back where I started. Actually looking forward to the walk because the joints are a little stiff - did I mention I am middle aged? And getting them moving will make me feel better.

I have to stop off at the bathroom - it's something middle aged folks have to do - any sudden move causes the need for a bathroom and apparently getting up is a sudden move. While I am in the bathroom, I hear noises from outside which sounds suspiciously like water falling from the sky. I open up the bathroom window which brings in a rush of air which automatically means the dog must come in and investigate. He sniffs the air for a few seconds, declares it good, and then walks around in the way that he does when he decides he needs to go out.

We go downstairs and I decide I want him inside the house before I go on my walk. One, because it is still relatively early in the day and he has a habit of barking like a maniac and I will be three blocks away and two, because if he's barking I want that to double as a deterrent to anyone thinking it would be a good idea to try and get into the premises while I am three blocks away.
While waiting for him to conclude his business, I pick up the special order hat I am knitting. I have someone who wants to be Waldo from Where's Waldo and asked me to knit the hat. It is 2x2 ribbing so it will be stretchy but it looks a little small, I protect the stitches and pull the hat (which is mostly brim) onto my head. It's a little tight. But I have a big head. It will probably be fine for a more normal headed person. I continue knitting thinking I will try it out on one of the mannequins and see how tight it is on one of them. I continue knitting.

and I notice it.

Two purl stitches where two knit stitches should be -
Will it be hidden by the brim when I fold it up?

Is it likely they will even notice it?

I continue knitting.

I notice it. I cannot live with it. It glares at me as if taunting me with questions about my integrity.

I rip it out. It is the right thing to do and since it was also a little tight, I might as well go back to the very beginning and add a few more stitches to make it more comfortable for my big head even though the client probably has a normal sized head and who knows what size head the 'real' Waldo has.

So, I start over.
When the dog reminds me he's ready to come in and I have a walk to take.

I let the dog in and put on my sneakers to go for my walk.

Oh yeah, stepping outside reminds me
There's water falling from the sky.
I don't feel like taking a walk in the rain, even if it's slightly more than a drizzle.

Middle aged women with big heads who have to start a hat over shouldn't also have to walk in the rain. Nor should they have these feelings of guilt for not taking the walk in that little spattering of rain. I can workout indoors, I tell myself. Perhaps if I knock out the hat, the rain will cease and I can take my walk then.

Yeah, sure. At least the book is good.



Susie said...

I'd rather walk in the rain than rip down a hat any day. Have a great weekend, Bev.

Beverly said...

I know what you mean, but the hat was easy enough to do and I finished it. There will be a post about it!

The rain finally cleared in time for me to get a runny nose. So, I didn't walk anyway!


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